Saturday, September 25

sick sick

It's happened. I have a cold. 

After working overtime and helping me to evade sickness for over a year, my immune system has finally decided to take a little vacation. I hope you're somewhere awesome, like Greece, Spain, or Fiji, immune system. You'd better be enjoying yourself a lot to justify abandoning me. I understand you need a little vacation, but please come back soon. xoxo, Me.

I need my immune system to come back because I am supposed to go to a Broncos game tomorrow! I've been a Colorado girl my whole life, and the Broncos have always been my team, but I have had yet to be present at an actual Broncos game! I admit that my interest in the team has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride, from my obsession with Elway, Elam, and Terrell Davis {apparently I wore my #30 jersey so often in junior high that some of my guy friends referred to me as the Terrell Davis girl! Keyan & Jason were these guy friends to those of you who know them!} to not even knowing the roster. 
 A friend from work called me after our shift on Thursday morning and said, "Hey! Do you want to go to a Broncos game Sunday?" OF COURSE I DO! I was prepared to pay 50+ bucks to go, when she told me her parents have season tickets and will be out of town this weekend so they just gave them to her, so I won't have to pay to go. Lucky lucky lucky! I'm super excited, and I need my voice back so that I can cheer them on! {Another plea to you, immune system, please help me out!!!}

Being sick sucks. I worked Weds night just fine. Woke up Thursday afternoon with a sore throat. Went to the gym and got my ass kicked by Mr. Trainer man. He had me do basketball court-length sprints. Sprints are the bane of my existence. I proceeded to toss my cookies {actually, my muscle milk drink} as soon as I got home. I think that's when my immune system peaced out, because Thursday night at work, I was getting progressively more head coldish by the hour. Friday morning at the end of my shift, I told them I wouldn't be back for my Friday night shift. Dammit. I was four days shy of making it through my first year at my hospital without calling in! Oh well. 

I just really hope I don't get to feeling way worse, because I have yet to find a doctor I know and trust in Denver. I love my Fort Collins doctor's office. I'm hopelessly attached to it, in fact. That's what happens when I've gone there for 20 years, I suppose. 

I guess being sick has allowed me to catch up on my first week of DVR shows! Last night I caught up on Cougar Town {Loved Courtney & Jen working together again!}, Jersey Shore {BEST episode of the season, I say! Snooki is a star}, America's Next Top Model {how in the HELL is Ann doing so well? Good for her! Go away Esther and Lexie. I'm rooting for Rhianna to take it all!}, and Project Runway {go, MONDO, go!}. 

I also got my books in the mail to help me prep for my PA school interview, so today I'll be spending some quality time with them. Looking forward to it, actually!

So here it is, 4:30 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Probably because my body knows I'm supposed to be at work right now. So I'll do some reading and hope that sends me off to sleep soon!
Hope you all have a sunshiny and fun Saturday!
Cheers ~

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  1. Oh no, not you too. It seems like almost everyone I know has some form of a cold right now. I hope that you get better soon and heck if taking medicine just so that you can go see the Broncos then that's what I would be doing. I hope that you are still able to go!
    Good luck with studying for the PA school interview!


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