Thursday, September 16

seattle, here i come!

Now that you've read my little life update {work & rugby}, I wanted to mention that I am leaving on Saturday to head to Seattle! A good friend of mine is getting married, and I have made it a goal of mine to try to attend every single wedding I can possibly attend in my lifetime, so Tyler and I are headed out to celebrate with her! I realize I may change this viewpoint later on in life as I attend more weddings, but I think they are so much fun, and the purpose is so important! People want you to take part in one of the most special days of their lives, and I think that it is an honor :)

Anyhoo. Seattle.

I have been twice before: Once when I was 17 for U18 Girl's Nationals for rugby {suuuuuch a fun trip!}, and once when I was 18 for a mission trip with my youth group. Both times I experienced different things in Seattle, and each time I had so much fun there! This time, six years later, I am traveling with my husband (who has never been there), and I'm sure it will be different, yet again, but still lots of fun!

The point of this post is to ask you all what you would recommend I do while I'm there.

We will be there Saturday afternoon through Monday morning, with a rehearsal dinner Sat night and the wedding Sunday night. So we don't have all the time in the world, but enough to do some sightseeing. I have done the Space Needle, and Tyler doesn't really care whether we go up it or not. So we'll probably do a walk-by, but not go up in it.

I think we should probably hit the original Starbucks...just to say we have :) And because I love Starbucks.

We'll go to the Pike Place Market for sure and get some fresh food to munch on. There is always something fun going on there! Lots of street performers, vendors, shops, and stuff to look at!

We'll also for sure hit Pioneer Square. I've never been there before, but from what I've read, it's got really unique and quaint shops = I automatically adore!

Other than that, we're staying with our fabulous friend Dylan, and I'm sure he'll take us somewhere fun Saturday night! I want to be sure to hit the "must" spots while I'm there, so if you have any favorite Seattle activities, let me know about them!

Much obliged :)
Cheers to traveling! {I can't freaking wait}

PS Wish us luck...this weekend our puppies will be spending the night alone for the first time! Saturday night, thankfully, Clint & Erin will be staying at our house to give them some companionship. Then Sunday night, the fabulous Mandrew are coming over to hang at our house for a bit...but then the pups will actually spend the night alone! I'm hoping Penny doesn't freak out :( She's kind of anxious and I hope she doesn't lose it without us. I guess we'll see...I report back to you when we get home!

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