Wednesday, September 1

happy 100!

Happy Wednesday --- and happy September, y'all! I am posting my 100th post!!! Hooray! I know it's silly, but I've wanted to post a few times in the last week, but I have been waiting until I had something substantial to post because --- hello! --- it's my 100th post! So that's a happy little milestone for my blog :)

September has turned out to be a month of challenges for me. I have decided to do a September work-out challenge. Meaning I'll do something active and break a sweat EVERY DAY in September! I don't mean I have to run 9 miles every day...but at least do a good lift sesh or 20 minutes of abs or 40 minutes of good dog walking...something active every day of September!!! I'm excited for it :)

I have also decided to make September a no fast food month! I didn't come up with this, but a friend from work thought of this little challenge. And it really will be a challenge, because let me tell you, I LOVE me some Taco Bell! And some Spicy McChicken sandwiches from McDonalds...and some sundaes...and some fries...omg. I know fast food isn't good for me and when I really think about all the nasty crap in makes me want to vomit...but sometimes all I want is a Big City Burrito. I'm just sayin'. Anyone who has had Big City has to know what I'm talking about. It's simply divine.

So it looks like September will be a health challenge month for me! I'm looking forward to it for multiple reasons:
1. I have a wedding in September to look good for!
2. October 2nd I am playing in the CSU Alumni Rugby I got to amp up my muscular strength again so I don't get my ass whooped by a bunch of college kids!
3. Half-marathon October 17th - and I want to kick some serious bootayyyy!

With that being said --- happy September! Happy health to you and we'll see if my challenges show some results! Let me know if you'd like to be a challenge buddy and participate in one of these with me!

Cheers to scarves and hot apple cider and the green, yellow, orange, and red leaves twirling to the ground and jeans and pink cheeks from the crisp fall breeze... can't wait to see you, fall!!!


  1. I know!!! I am getting SO excited for fall!!!!

  2. Yay for your goals!! I can't wait to read about how it all goes. I would like to join you in your work-out challenge for the month. I really want to get fit and I know that if I have someone who is accountable for me then it makes it easier. So message me and let me know!

    And I agree with you and Courtney...I am getting SO excited for fall too!!

  3. your last paragraph made me so excited about fall!
    and yes-Big City is amazing! I don't think I have had one in at least 2 or 3 years-such a shame.
    happy 100th post! : )

  4. I love that you have set goals for yourself. Need to do the same and maybe I will make it a public post so EVERYONE will keep me accountable.


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