Thursday, September 16

family photo time!

So, over Labor Day weekend, my mother-in-law decided we should try to get a group photo of everyone. Welllll, we planned badly {by not planning at all} and there were three there isn't one picture where everyone is looking in the same direction! Oopsies! I sense a re-do real soon. But we ended up with a few cute ones :)

The next day, I decided that my little family unit {hubsters, Penny, Gryffin, & myself} needed to get a family photo! So I recruited my lovely photographer sister, and we attempted to get a picture. Haha. Here are the results {NOTE: When you notice the dogs going from not paying attention to ears perked and staring at the camera...that is when my sister was holding a treat above the camera to entice them! haha}:
WINNER! Finally! After lots of fails. LOL. Unless we get a better one, this is goin on the Christmas card!

Then, of course I needed a pic of my family {minus my brother, Marine in Cali right now}:
Cheers to family!!!


  1. those pictures are super cute!! : ) I was telling my hubby a few weeks ago that I'm nervous about trying to get a good christmas card photo this year with two dogs. It will definitely be a challenge! We will have to try the treat above the camera trick ; )

  2. They look so cute!! I can't wait until we get our pictures done this year, we haven't had professional shots since our wedding day.

  3. What cutie pups!! And an even cuter family!! Love your blog sweetie. I'm a new follower :) xo

  4. Such cute family photos! I love the flower in your hair, too!


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