Wednesday, September 22

mama got a dvr

Well, let's face it. 

I love TV.

Yep. I always have. I went from Winnie The Pooh & The Little Town of Richard Scary to Power Rangers & Salute Your Shorts to Doug & Clarissa Explains it all --- over the years just loving watching the imaginary life of people. It's so much fun to imagine myself kicking Puddy ass as maybe the purple ranger alongside the other power rangers. 

And then in high school came a new genre of television that would change the world forever: Reality TV. Oh man. 

Yep, I love reality TV. Even the stupidest of shows. Sometimes when I watch TV, it's to learn something {Animal Planet} or follow a slightly intricate plot {Law & Order: SVU counts, right?}. But other times, I watch TV to unwind and zone out, frankly. That's when shows like Jersey Shore and Bachelor Pad come in. haha. 

Most of you know that I work nights {7pm - 7:30am} usually 3 x/week between Monday and Friday. Doesn't work out so well for my evening TV life. I actually made my schedule for the next couple of months so that I would have most Tuesdays off: That is how much I love Glee and The Biggest Loser! Haha. I have wanted a DVR for  REAL LONG time. Like for years. And with fall shows starting, I have been wanting it more than ever. 

So, today I took a little visit to the Comcast store. I was dreading how long the line was going to be, as it can take hours sometimes {it could battle the DMV for longest, crappiest lines ever}. But off I went, with a book and a magazine in tow. I had to sort out a bill and pay a bill, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to check out the cost of a DVR. Turns out they have a promo going on for FREE HD DVR for a year!!! I was trying to keep my excited quivering to a minimum as the lady behind the counter asked, "Should I go ahead and add this service to your account?" UM -  HELL YES, YOU SHOULD! But I managed a cool, "Yes, please, that would be great!" 

Not only do I get my coveted DVR, but we get free HD channels {we bought our bombass giant TV months ago, but hadn't wanted to shell out the monies for HD TV yet} for a year! $Free.99 is my favorite price, y'all.

And with our new DVR box, another problem got sorted out. Since we first got our cable box over a year ago, there has been a little issue with the Disney Channel and The Animal Planet. They simply wouldn't stream. Or they would be all jumpy, and it was REAL annoying to watch. Sounds stupid, right? Until Aladdin is on TV and you want to watch it. Or It's Me or the Dog is on. I was so annoyed and never wanted to pay the $50 service fee for Comcast to come mess with it and probably further screw things up. You might even be able to pin my Disney movie buying sprees on the fact that I was tormented by the inability to watch Disney on TV. Or maybe I would have  bought all those movies anyway. Guess we'll never know. The important thing is that I have my Disney and Animal Planet back! YES!

As I'm sitting here setting up recordings, I have my shows that I planned on watching anyway {although most of them I would have had to watch a week later when they were put online, and then with crappy internet commercials or interruptions when my internet decides to disconnect sporadically}, but I am also adding a few shows that I have been wanting to check out anyway. 

Here is my list of DVR shows.
Don't judge me.
And keep in mind that only working 3 nights/week and having a husband in med school gives me LOTS of extra time to myself. And you can only read, work out, play with puppies, and do house stuff for so many hours in a day. 

Jersey Shore
America's Next Top Model
Project Runway
Biggest Loser
Desperate Housewives
Scream Queens
Modern Family

Now, here are the experimental add-ons that the lil' DVR guy is allowing me to watch:
Drop Dead Diva
United States of Tara
Vampire Diaries
Gossip Girl {this is for you, Linds ;)}
The Middle
Cougar Town {which I have always LOVED, but it hasn't been a priority show}

I know, I know. I'm kind of pathetic. But at least I am honest and pathetic. Right? Sure. 

Happy fall TV week!
Are there any shows starting up this week that you would recommend I lose myself in??? What are your favorite shows? I certainly don't want to miss out on anything! Haha :)

Cheers, you lil' DVR Magic Man. 


  1. So my DVR list is even longer than that. I think I had about 5 shows recording just on Monday night! AHHHH!

  2. We got DVR a few months after Tavian was born because it lets us watch shows so much faster, and because i couldn't fit the tv schedule with a baby schedule. It has been amazing, I LOVE it! I record Friends just so I always have something fun to watch or that I can have playing in the background.
    I record many of the same ones you do...Biggest Loser for sure! I have recently started with Dancing with the Stars and although it has gotten very cheesy in recent years, I have to admit that I watch One Tree Hill. :)

  3. Do you get the Bravo channel? If so check out Flipping Out and the Rachel Zoe show. Hannah and I love them!!!!! But I think Rachel Zoe might have just ended last night....haven't watched it yet.

  4. I don't have a DVR because the only shows I watch religiously are Project Runway and any wedding related show that comes on WE. But, I think it will be worth it just for Project Runway! :o)

  5. This made me laugh only because I am the same way. I just got into watching Glee and man what the heck was I missing out on in the past? I now have a show to watch on Tuesday evenings. And for Wednesday is of course ANTM!
    So yes, if I were in your shoes I would also be wanting to have a DVR.

  6. I LOVE tv!! It keeps me company in the evenings when I'm winding down. :-) You'll have to let me know what you think of Drop Dead Diva and United States of Tara because I love both of those shows!! Enjoy your DVR!! I'm a tad jealous. lol.

  7. OH HELL YEAH, BABY! Gossip girl! You're going to have to steal my laptop away or do some serious blockbuster to get through the first 3 seasons, but legit sooooo worth it. I watched the first season of Drop Dead Diva on and off, wasn't really hooked. But yay for Glee and ANTM. Hellcats looks good too, and I am STOKED for Desperate Housewives. :) <3 Cheers to DVR.

  8. Yay! You just reminded me that Project Runway is on tonight! DVR is definitely one of the world's greatest inventions :)

  9. Mine is like 97% filled practically all the time. I'm a wee bit addicted to DVR. HA!


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