Tuesday, September 21

these boots were made for dancin'

Hey hey y'all!

I hope you are enjoying your September :) Over half-way through! Wowza!

First of all, for all of you who have been wondering where I am in the process of my PA (physician's assistant) school application, I got an email on Friday that offered an interview for admittance into the CHA/PA program at CU Denver! 

I am SO happy to have this opportunity! I interview November 8th, and until then, I am going to do my best to prepare myself. I interviewed last year, and didn't get selected for the program, so this year I ordered some books specific to doing well in PA school interviews...hopefully they will help! Nerve-wracking!!!

Anyhoo - that note aside...

This weekend was SO much fun! I did a little pre-trip shopping, and scored BIG! 

At Ross, I found two pairs of the cutest boots ever! I always have a hard time finding boots that fit around my body-builder (haha, yeah right) calves, so I was beyond stoked to find 2 pairs! 

The first pair: my beloved red cowboy boots with wooden heels. I wore them out Friday night {I attempted to go see Pauly D DJ at a club in Denver...but people must have camped out or something, because the club was at capacity at 10:30pm!!! Conveniently, we went dancing at the Cowboy Lounge - my boots fit right in!}

The second pair: kick ass riding boots meet rocker boots. I wore them to the wedding in Seattle, and they sure are the best stompin'/dancin' shoes I have ever worn! I am in love with them. 

I paired my rockin' boots with a cute gray frock from Target, and I don't even have a picture in it! But here's my lovely lil' dress:

So, I got a little ahead of myself here, but let me tell you all about Seattle! We got in Saturday afternoon, and our fabulous lil' Dylan friend picked us up from the airport. We just spend some time hangin' and chattin' and strolin' around some of the Seattle parks with Dylan's doggie Layla. It was beautiful weather! Sunny with a breeze - my perfect combo! I could totally live in Seattle from June - September! We went to the Gas Works park for Kaitlin and Brodie's rehearsal dinner to enjoy a delish taco bar! It got real rainy, but we all just congregated under a covering and spent time catching up! 

Sunday, we slept in a bit, then got movin' and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast at a local joint called Pete's. The size of the meals were outrageous!!! Let me give you a little sample --- Exhibit A: my butterscotch french toast, three eggs, and two sausage links...
 What a tasty monstrosity!
And Tyler had the yummiest Greek omlette:

After stuffing ourselves into oblivion, we headed on the bus to Pike's Place Market! There was a little festival going on, so we enjoyed some accordian music while we strolled the stalls. So much wonderful looking fresh food {fish, fruits, and veggies}and the most gorgeous flowers! What I wouldn't give to do my weekly shopping here!

After crusing the market, we walked out on a pier. What a beautiful view!

We then strolled downtown in search of the public library. It was massive and architectural, and anyone who likes libraries would find heaven in this quiet and beautiful building!
10 stories tall...

We hopped on some great local transportation again {get with the program, Denver!!!}, and went to visit the Historic Pioneer Square. We stopped by the Waterfall Gardens...which is basically a tucked away little patio with some tables, chairs, and a roaring waterfall. It was really really lovely, and I wish it was my backyard!

After our quick jaunt around town, it was already time to get ready for the wedding!!! 

Just FYI: I am obsessed with weddings. I adore what they stand for, and I am so giddy with happiness when I attend them. They are happy and beautiful events, and I can't get enough of anything related to weddings! With that being said, here are some of my favorite pictures from the happy ceremony and reception to celebrate the union of Kaitlin & Brodie:
To honor the lovely couple, we did what we thought was most appropriate...and we danced. Hard. I'm talkin' hair-is-soaked-feet-are-stompin'-girls-are-twirlin'-everyone-is-jumpin'-spice-girls-are-blastin' - fists are pumpin' kind of dancing. We celebrated and drank and screamed and rallied in honor of the beauty of this marital union. And I had a freaking blast. 

And kind of lost my voice in the process :)
Monday's travels home were uneventful. Our flight home even landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule! Go United! I've certainly never had that happen before! The weekend passed by so fast! When we got home to our little furbabies, though, I was so happy to see them :) And they sure greeted me with all the love and energy they could muster up! Today, they are dubbed "gluebabies" because the will not, under any circumstance, leave my side. They're kinda fearful I might up and leave for another 58 hours or something. 

I wonder how I'm going to escape to the gym with two pairs of puppy brown eyes looking at me like they do...

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!
Til' later---


  1. I want to visit that Library!!! and, I love both pairs of boots...I have a hard time finding ones for my calves, too, so I totally understand the overwhelming excitement. I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time, my dear. :-)

  2. Love the boots, love Seattle, and love weddings! Sounds like a great weekend! And the bride's dress is adorable! Love the sash.

  3. Very cute boots! Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is adorable.


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