Thursday, September 16


Hello, blog world! Wow, it's been two weeks since I have posted anything...and I feel so disconnected from all that is blogland! I've missed you all! I guess after my last post (kinda deep, if I do say so myself), I didn't feel like posting anything trivial. And I didn't really have anything very funny or interesting happen to me. And nothing really got me angry enough to rant about.

Actually, I wanted to post on 9/11, but I was out of town in Fort Collins with my family, so I didn't. Every year when the anniversary of 9/11 rolls around, I get to thinking about how the citizens of the United States came together so closely after that tragedy. Why is it that tragedy must strike in order for people to decide to be kind and helpful to one another? I like to use 9/11 to remind myself of many things:

1. To be thankful for the men/women who risked/risk their lives to save the lives of others (ie: Firemen/women, you rule!)
2. To carry myself a little better than the day before, because life without the warmth of human interaction and random acts of kindness makes me sad.
3. To be proud of my country, even when I may be frustrated with a current political leader or some new legislation...because when it comes down to it, I believe very strongly in my personal {albeit idealistic} concept of America: A place where people of different histories are free to live in the happiness they create for themselves.

Over it :)

So what's been new with me? Just working a lot! The babies have been pouring in this week, so work goes by nice and quickly! On the other hand, my knees have been KILLING me... Which stinks at a job where you're on your feet for approximately 12 hours. And when you're trying to train for a half-marathon. Ugh.

Whatever, knees!!!

Last Sunday I put on my brave girl pants, and I played rugby for the first time in over three years! It was so much freaking fun! I know some girls who play on the women's team in Boulder, and they've been asking me to join in some games because they're short on players...and honestly I was too scared to play! I was nervous that I would be awful and embarrass myself. But then I sat myself down and had a little pep talk. What is there to be scared of, really? Why not just go for it and have some fun? So that's what I did! And fun I sure had! I got pummeled and pummeled some girls in return, and the bruises I got gave me a little bit of my ole' rugby swagger back!

{that's me in the middle with the yellow for CSU freshman year!}

I was honestly on a high after playing, so happy! It made me realize that although my college coach ruined rugby for me for a while, I still love the sport deep down in my badass heart, and I need to play on a team! Not sure if my knees will cooperate with this new ambition...but I'd like to play more regularly if I can! And the game with the Boulder Babes was great practice for my alumni game in two weeks! I am REALLY looking forward to it! Smashing people and celebrating rugby style afterward!

I hope you are enjoying your September! We're halfway through, and man, I am LOVING this Colorado fall! My favorite time of year here! The sun still shines high in the sky, but with a bit less ferocity, and accompanied with a relaxing breeze = perfection!

Today = September 16th = my mom's birthday, my aunt's (my mom's twin), my father-in-law's birthday, and Mexican Independence Day! So happy birthday to those loves in my life, and let's celebrate with a margarita {any excuse to drink a marg works for me!}!

Cheers !!!

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  1. I'm so excited for you that you are getting back into Rugby. I keep looking for some way to play soccer again, but the opportunity has never really come up! I'm glad you are getting the oppotunity to do something you really enjoy!!!


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