Monday, August 22

summer fun [june]

So, I'm aware that I was practically MIA in all of June and July, and I know you all are dying to be up to speed on my life, right? Sure ;) You've already read the latest hopeful story on Naggie, the never-ending health issues of Penny, and the quick-and-dirty details of school, but there is plenty of my summer I haven't told you about yet. So let's catch you up!

Went to a really sketch bar called Caldonia's for dinner with the Rose Girls. Apparently Thursday night is Biker Night at Caldonia's...let's just say our missing leather, bandanas, and handlebar mustaches caused us to stick out a bit...

At Caldonia's we played a "Minute to Win It" game where you had one minute to hit your 3 limes in the white square with a banana that dangles from your hips...WTF?! But I won, and got a t-shirt and some swag. I love impulsive random things like that! PS - it's harder than it looks --- you should try it sometime!

Went to Lyons with the in-laws to celebrate Father's Day and June birthdays. Ate at Oskar Blues for the first time! Remember that ambitious list of 101 things all Coloradans should do that I posted? Well, Oskar Blues and the Lyons pinball were on that list --- check and check! I feel like I did the 2 things there are to do in Lyons, and yeah, I don't really plan on going back ever :)

Tyler got me "just because" flowers --- my favorite rainbow daisies :)

We went to the Garden Grapes and Hops Event at the Denver Botanic Gardens with my family! One of my favorite summer Denver things to do. Pay an entrance fee, then fill up with as much food, wine, and beer from local restaurants, vineyards, and breweries as you can! All while meandering through the beautiful gardens and listening to live music play under the stars. Certainly a recipe for success!

Tyler built the dogs a doghouse - since June and July Colorado behaved like a flood-prone state. With my long days at school, we wanted them to have some shelter in the back yard!

Cute bandana puppies excited about their new doghouse :)

My baby [Marine] brother came home from his tour in Japan, and we spent a night with him and his then-fiance out in Denver!

At a Rockies game

My brother and my new sister-in-law :)

The hubs shaved his head - taking control of his balding [yep, that's what he said, haha]

Our wonderful friends Joedy and Dave got married!

And we celebrated with them

Hugging my BFF 

Photobooth fun at Joedy and Dave's reception!

My class and I celebrated the end of our first Anatomy exam...

The hubs and I had a nice sushi dinner out at Blue Fin Sushi

Enjoyed some summer beers rooftop at Sports Column

From the roof we could see the post-Rockies game fireworks!

Met up with some Rose Ladies for a night out on the town!

 So, while I spent the *vast* majority of my time in June studying, apparently I had plenty of fun on the side! I think the fact that my BFF hairstylist made me uber-blonde for the summer really helped ;)

Stay tuned for July's update tomorrow!

Cheers! [to summer fun!]


  1. Whoa- Phil already got married?! Oh my goodness, and congratulations! :-)

    And I love that Tyler is "taking control of his baldness"...that just made me chuckle. I so love you both. lol.

    ps- blogger still hates me and doesn't want to correctly link my profile with this comment.

  2. Man you guys have been busy! Great pictures and quick recap of the summer =)

  3. I really like your bff. I wish I had been invited to that photo booth fun w y'all two lovely ladies.

  4. And I am very sweet. And I love u too.


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