Thursday, August 11

after all this craziness


I have been DYING to blog this summer! I can't believe it's been 2 months since I have! But, I have been trying really really hard to focus on PA school [and thus far, it's been paying off!!!], so that meant no blogging and no cable [say WHAT?!?!] this summer. But I have finals today, tomorrow, Mon, and Tues, then a glorious mini summer vacation. Tomorrow afternoon I plan on taking some time off from studying to catch up on you lovelies and also catch you up on my hectic summer! Including: how everything is going with school, Naggie update, book review [The Hunger Games!], and pictures of the fun I have managed to squeeze in this summer. And for those of you who don't know --- I had a drastic hair change a few weeks ago! This once-uber-blonde has officially joined the dark side :) 

I've missed you :)
Thanks for sticking with me during my summer lull of blogging!
Hope summer has been beautiful for each of you!

Come back tomorrow afternoon so we can catch up!


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