Friday, August 19

camping with the chaps!

Happy Friday to you all!

So, on Monday and Tuesday I had my last finals for summer semester, and now I am free on summer break! I'm happy to report that I pulled As this semester - which is such a huge relief! It really bolsters my confidence in myself, and I feel ready to tackle fall semester [10 classes, integrated physiology/biochemistry...ick] - or at least as ready as I'll ever be!!!

Oh and if you're wondering about my blog post's title, the PA program I'm in is the Colorado Health Associate: Physician Assistant program, or CHAPA --> I call our class "chaps" :P

So now that I'm on my 12-day summer break, I am trying to squeeze in as much summer fun as I can! On Tuesday and Wednesday night, our little familia went camping up near Buena Vista with my PA school class. We had a really good time! And it was so blissful to be breathing in the mountain air without that little nagging thought of "I should be studying" in the back of my head. 
Ready to go!!!

Taking a break from the rain under a tarp :)

Beautiful Colorado sunset!!!

Glow stick time!!!

I love my class :)

Good morning, Colorado!

Sweet little Penny in her t-shirt [so she doesn't scratch her ringworm owies]

On a beautiful hike!

Reading Catching Fire creekside in the sun --- BLISS!

Sunset Wednesday beautiful!

And last night was a girls' night out on the town with some of my coworkers from my job at the hospital before I started school. It was so wonderful to see my girls! I am still glad to be on my new adventure with school and everything, but I really really miss those crazy, beautiful, wonderful ladies!!!

This weekend is another camping weekend for us! So we're loading up the CRV and off to camp up the Poudre Canyon with my family!

Cheers [to freedom and beautiful Colorado!!!]


  1. What fun pics, lady! Looks like you had a good time. Can't wait to have our lady day next Friday!! Woop woop! Hope you're enjoying your break!! Love that picture of the sunset, btw...

    ~ Pro

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! I'm so mad at myself because we have not gone on one single camping trip all summer!!

  3. We're taking our last camping trip in September - this post made me very excited! :) Love the pictures, what a cool trip!


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