Tuesday, August 23

the cutest hair accessories EVER!!!

Good morning!

I feel compelled to share one of my best fashion finds with you! Kathryn Clark, hair accessory designer of Elli's Bowtique, is a hair fashion genius!!! I think she originally started designing with babies in mind, but she has made 3 headbands for me, and I ADORE them!!!

This was my first order from Kathryn. I asked her to make something with two bright rosettes and some sparkle, and she came up with the perfect thing for me! I love this headband so much! And it's on a really stretchy band that doesn't a) hurt my head or b) fall off of my head! Perfection!

This is one of Kathryn's designs I just had to have for my own. I love this one!

This is my latest one from Kathryn, just arrived in the mail today! Will be SO fun for fall!!!

I custom ordered this one for a friend of mine's newborn baby girl, and it just arrived today too! She comes up with the most perfect combinations! When I ordered it I simply asked for something with neutral colored rosettes and maybe a feather...and this is what she came up with! It's absolutely perfect :)

You can find Kathryn's etsy store at www.ellisbowtique.etsy.com to peruse her beautiful creations or you can email her at Ellisbowtique@yahoo.com if you have a special order in mind! 

If you could use a fun hair pretty for yourself or if you know a little girl who would be tickled to have one of Kathryn's special creations, order away! I promise, she is incredible to work with! Prompt, durable work, and really reasonably priced! I'm talking each headband is only $7 or $8!!! 

Happy shopping!
Cheers :)

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