Thursday, August 25

body for life

Okay, as most of you know, my commitment to fitness has been an ongoing battle for me for...forever! I love to be active, but I get dedicated in spurts. I'll be a gym rat for 2 weeks then a couch potato for 3 weeks, gym rat, couch potato...needless to say, it gets me nowhere. One thing I do know about myself is that I do well with tangible goals. It's difficult for me to just lose those 20 pounds I need to lose without some time frame in mind or a physical challenge to work toward. 

One of my good friends told me yesterday about It's essentially a website designed to help people challenge themselves for 12 weeks. The website provides meal plans, workout plans, success stories, motivational blurbs, and a community of people who are trying to get more fit. 3 months. That's it. You submit before and after photos of yourself, and there are even prizes for people who do well in both their inner and outer transformation. 

As my friend Jamey put it, "You only have pounds to lose, right?" Absolutely!

I'm not ready to share my "before" picture with you. Facing that picture of myself in a bikini this morning was really hard. It is all the motivation I need to do this 12-week-challenge. But instead of my typical response to myself in a bikini, which is generally along the lines of disgust and disappointment in myself, that picture got me all revved up to begin this challenge with a bang! I do not want to have to look at myself like that again!

I'm planning on kicking ass in this challenge. Because I need it. My health needs it. My confidence needs it. And I'm planning on taking pictures of my physical progress every 4 weeks. Eventually I promise to share those pictures and numbers [eek] with you. 

If anyone else would like to do this journey with me, let me know! The more motivation and encouragement we can garner for each other, the better!

Please hold me accountable! I'll be updating you on how it's all going :)
12 weeks! A person can do anything for only 12 weeks!


PS - just got back from the gym! Did 20 mins on the stairs and 25 mins on the treadmill - speedwalking on incline! It's a start!


  1. Way to go! I might just have to do this one too, but with being in school and such I do not know how it would work/fit into my schedule. Can't wait to read more about your 12 week journey!

  2. i need to do that too! i get a little sad when i try on clothes :( i keep intending to blog about it so i can stay motivated, maybe reading about your progress will help me too!


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