Tuesday, August 23

my french morning

This morning I went to a place in Cherry Creek called Crepes 'n Crepes, and I was totally taken to another place [figuratively speaking, of course]. As I sat at the small, round table outside of the cafe, taking in the sunshine, listening to the waiters converse in French, and sipping a chilled glass of water, I couldn't help but feel like a character straight out of The Sun Also Rises. If you haven't read that book, it's a Hemingway classic and you definitely should. But if follows the main characters as they gallivant around Paris and Pamplona, living a life of indulgence and drinking. In the book, the characters spend every morning relishing a delicious French breakfast, and although I wasn't hungover like they usually are, I enjoyed my turn at a French cafe [even if it is in Denver]. 

My friend came to join me, and we decided to split two crepes so that we could enjoy both a sweet and a savory kind of crepe. For sweet we had strawberries with chocolate sauce --- yum! But the winner for me was the ham and mozzarella crepe! Soooooo gooey and just divine!

I totally recommend this charming and delicious cafe to anyone looking to try something new! 

Cheers [to new experiences - y'all know how I like those!]


  1. This sounds like such an amazing morning! I absolutely love crepes...and love that you were reading Marie Claire. :-)


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