Tuesday, August 23

summer fun [july]

Yesterday, I caught you up with June's shenanigans. Since I was also MIA in blogland throughout July too, today I'm sharing my July happenings with you :)

In July we celebrated lots of birthdays - including my little sister's 17th! Here she is the with fairy that came in her birthday card, haha :)

Went to Fort Collins for a weekend and saw Transformers 3! Loved it except for the new chick/love story situation. 

Went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and wished I could afford to buy this beautiful picture of a beach made up of colorful seashells. Got yelled at buy this photographer for taking a picture of it. 

Went to Happy Hour at Kona Grill! Hello $3 sushi rolls and margaritas!

Played with sparklers in our backyard on the 4th of July

It rained a LOT in July. And we found this guy in our backyard one night. I love worms. Weird, I know.

July was Penny's feet-biting month. Hence the homemade booties and cone-of-shame. She's so pissed she won't even look at the camera. 

HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 CAME OUT! And we saw it at the Cine Capri theater! Don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the screen is like 3 times the size of a regular movie theater screen! It was awesome! Loved the last movie - cried the WHOLE time!!!

Boots are on for a night of fun at Cowboy Lounge!

One of my very best childhood friends was back in the states for a while [she teaches in China], so we met up for some fun at the 16th Street Mall and indulged on blueberry salads and frozen yogurt! Mmmmm

Took the dogs to the dog park. I think we ALL needed this outing! Our escape within the city is definitely the Cherry Creek Dog Park. 

One of my best friends had her baby! Sweet baby Ember :)

I became a BRUNETTE! My mom's first reaction was, "Welcome to the dark side!" haha. It's lightened up a bit from the first day, but I love it! It's definitely less maintenance and will be fun for fall. Don't be surprised if spring brings back a blonde Kaity though!

And that, my friends, is July!

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing the sequels to the Hunger Games! Stop on by :)


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