Sunday, December 6

words of wisdom from...kate moss?

So I got to work last night (yay!), and got to sleep 7 hours today (double yay!) while Tyler was wonderful and watched little Penny. Last night at work, I was reading US Weekly or some sort of celebrity stalker magazine like that and there was an article on celebs' advice for not overeating over the holidays. Considering we don't really have many social functions to attend, I'm not worried about the holidays per se, but I do have a tendancy to struggle with portion control in general. Something Kate Moss said struck me. Now let me say, I in NO WAY desire to have the body type of Kate Moss. A) That is impossible for me. B) Even it it were possible, I like having curves, so long as they aren't flabby. So anyways, she said, 

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." 

And there is truth to that. About 2 years ago, I was actually confident with my body for once in my life. I had reached my goal weight and remember putting on a bikini to take a dip in a hot tub and actually feeling sexy. And let me tell you, that feeling was amazing, and it is not a feeling I am/was used to. One year after that confident moment, I was back to my "usual" self - the one that feels uncomfortable in her body. So when I read that piece of advice from Kate Moss, I knew for a fact that there was truth in that, for me at least. For those 6 months where I felt good when I pulled on my jeans, it was so nice to not have that little voice of self-doubt in the back of my head. And I had been so proud, because I did it all on my own by eating well and working out almost daily. I miss that, and I hope that sometime in 2010 I can feel that way again. 

So, here is my progress: I've been running a lot, and doing ab workouts every other gym visit. Since my highest weight (ever) at the very end of the summer, I am down 6.6 lbs. I hope to lose another 3.4 by New Years, and another 15 after that. There you have it, my weight loss goals are out there on the table. Hold me accountable :) I hope to continue to hit the gym and be conscious of what I am putting into my body. That's my ambition right now.


  1. I totally agree with you and reading your post I kept saying "me too" over and over again. I completely agree with your thoughts on the quote. And when I first read the quote (because I skipped to the quote before I read your first paragraph ;)) I was like "psshh please..that skinny bitch :)" but then when I started to read your post, I looked at it in a totally different way.
    I've always felt just a little too "pudgy" (!?) I guess..I have just always felt like I had an extra 10 lbs. Well then my womanly curves filled out and now I just feel I've lost myself. This semester was really rough and all the progress I had made in the spring and summer is out the window.
    But I'm with you. I gave myself until my move to Denver to get myself back together and ready to start working out and eating healthy again - I'm not trying to be an obsessive bride who's gonna starve herself for her wedding..but I DID pick a strapless dress even tho I said I wouldn't and my one goal is to have lean sculpted arms on that day :P

    Good luck with your goal! That's great you've already lost almost 7lbs. Keep it up! :) I'll be checking up on you :P

  2. First of all you have always been beautiful! I remember meeting you in junior high and being so intimidated by you. I do understand the need to just feel comfortable in your own skin though. It's something I think every girl struggles with and nothing feels better than the days where you are confident.
    Good luck with your goals!

  3. Okay I am with Courtney here too. When I first met you I also remember being intimidated. You have and are still so beautiful. But I know the feeling of wanting to lose a bit of weight to get to the size that makes you feel better. I myself am in the same boat. I feel sluggish with some of the extra weight on me. Maybe we can both keep each other accountable with working out.

  4. Ladies - you are so kind and supportive and I love you for that :) I would love to be there for you if you are trying to be your best self, and together we can be the confident and beautiful women we know we can be!

  5. I just want to say that it is really cool how vulnerable and honest you are willing to be. I would have never known you thought about any of this, because of course I think you look great!, but the ability to be honest about insecurities really helps others be honest. Thanks for pushing me to be more honest with myself and with others about my own insecurities!

  6. Awwww Cait - it really means SO much for me that you are recognizing my honesty. It's so refreshing to finally be that honest with myself, and it helps me a lot to hold myself accountable by sharing my goals with others. It is my favorite thing when people let me know they are reading and supporting me. Thank you :)


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