Thursday, December 10

how's your posture?

Happy weekend to me! I don't have to work til Monday, and I'm really excited about that! So I have been meaning to start doing a "daily ambition" of sorts (to stay true to the title of my blog), and here's today's: to work on my posture. There are a few reasons why I want to work on my posture:

1. Shoulders back, tummy in, chest out naturally makes your head held high and creates a look of confidence. Sometimes the best way to instill confidence within yourself is to first create the illusion of confidence - once other people see you as confident, it becomes easier to be confident for real.

2. Focusing on holding that tummy in creates that extra bit of workout via constant muscle tension/control...and let's face it, I need all the ab workout time I can get!

So there you have it :) I also have a progress update for one my ambitions posted on my very first blog. I talked about how I need a creative outlet in my life and I wanted to work on painting/sketching. It's officially on my Xmas wish list. Drawing and painting tools, and I spent some time tonight researching different kinds of paints, easels, paintbrushes, charcoals, etc... So anyway, looks like there'll be some of that in my near future! (hopefully...cough cough...Tyler)

So I'm working with a super fun nurse tonight, and we've been streaming KS107.5 (since the hospital decided Pandora should now be added to the list of banned website...grrrr), and lemme tell ya - it is really making me want to go out on the town! I haven't had a true night out since my girlfriend's bachelorette party in August!'s been almost 4 months! That's a little sad. Okay, that's REAL sad. I just get so comfortable with the routine, I forget to make an effort to shake things up! Plus, I need to get out and explore Denver a little more! So...if anyone wants to join me, let me know!!! I hope everyone has been staying warm these past few days! Seriously, Colorado, I like to experience the seasons individually and everything, but this is a little too cold for my taste...I heard it's supposed to hit the 40s this weekend though - talk about a heat wave! ;)


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  1. Thank you for posting this ms Weaver! This has always been a goal of mine. Good luck with keeping up with this ambition. I think your ambition to draw and stuff is great - I think having an outlet such as that is really important to one's health and sanity :)

    And to your last part about going out on the town - I totally agree and would totally join you! I'm moving home next Thursday so if you go in the new year or so :) I couldn't agree with you more. I went out once this semester - and because some of my friends graduated/moved away it was always me with Nick and his guy friends. And guys are no fun to dress up with and put on a fun party dress and go dancing! :) No fun at all!

    I love reading your posts by the way :)

    Prost! (cheers in german ;))


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