Tuesday, December 22

o holy night

My ultimate favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. It has always touched me in such a spiritual way singing it at church on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. I am sitting at work listening to a beautiful rendition of it by Celine Dion (on Cozy 101.1 - duh, what else?!?). I seriously love Celine Dion anyway, but her incredible vocals paired with this beautiful song just puts me in a state of bliss. I have two more nights of work then am off for a week, and I cannot wait for my Christmas Eve church service! The choir makes my skin tingle and the handbell choir is such a beautiful treat! Aaaah I am so excited!!!

On that cheery note :D I also am happy to report that today Tyler and I went to pick out my easel for my Christmas present! I was a little anxious finally getting one because I have been wanting to do this for so long...and now I finally have the supplies - or the beginnings of supplies at least. So...I'll keep you posted as my artistic genius (???) flourishes!

I am also sooooo excited to give all of my loved ones their gifts! My favorite part of Christmas is doing all the shopping because I LOVE shopping for other people! Buying gifts is such a blast! Since my sister is in Mexico (feliz navidad!), she already got her gift, but everyone elses' is just waiting in wrapping paper and ribbons for Christmas morning! So much to be excited about, and I have to admit that sometimes I lose track of what the holiday is all about.

The birth of Jesus Christ and what that symbolizes to humankind. The giving of your self and your gifts to those who need it most. Why is it that people who are stingy dillholes 11 months of the year find it within themselves to be saints during the few weeks leading up to Christmas, and then go back to their regular ways on December 26th? I know it's easy to forget, but I wish more people would behave in a Christly (whether or not you even believe in Christ) manner year-round. The world would certainly benefit from more acts of genuine kindness! That being said - here's to everyone making a conscious effort to pay the good deeds forward all year long :)



  1. That is one of my favorite Christmas songs too. I am happy for you that you have your easel and supplies! Can't wait to hear/see what you draw.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE O Holy Night!
    It gives me chills every time I hear it on the radio or at church

  3. Holy Night is the BEST! Doesn't it make you think back to the Holiday Stocking? I would get chills every year and I always looked forward to it. Makes me bummed that I haven't been in a few years. Maybe we should do a choir reunion! HA! Also, let me know of any other good versions you have heard. It is Cole's fav. too and I am making him a cd for Christmas with all the different renditions.

  4. I honestly really miss singing sometimes, Caitlin! Why couldn't high school choir last forever???

  5. I agree Kaity. I miss high school choir and sometimes wish that I could just go back to high school to take choir again. hahah

    I also miss the Holiday Stocking too!


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