Wednesday, December 9

i'm actually the opposite of a genius

Hey folks - it's only 10:37pm...getting started on my entry for tonight kind of early! And FYI...I just found out that I can actually access my blog at I'm in no way a genius at all. In fact, I am even more of a dumbass for making myself jump through hoops just to get a blog written. I'm officially lame. Anyhoo - I thought you might be interested in the recovery of little Penny. So she had her Spay done on Monday, and her recovery has been really good! On Tuesday during the day, I had to sleep, and Penny gingerly crawled her hiney right up on the couch with me, cone around her neck and everything. She's not a fan of it, but at least she has learned how to sleep with it on. On Monday, she just couldn't get comfortable. The funniest thing, though, is when she goes outside in the snow to go potty. She typically sniffs all around in the snow so that she always has a neat little pile of snow on top of her nose. With the cone, however, she just ends up scooping tons of snow into her cone and getting really cold. Then, when she comes inside, I have to take the cone off and literally dump all of the show out of it. It's great :) She doesn't seem to be in pain, and I've let her do the stairs once, and she took them slowly so that was good. In a hilarious turn of events, Tyler decided to try on Penny's cone collar...picture to follow.

Moving on to my obsession with this season's Biggest Loser!!! I think it's so funny how I have never really been into that show before, but I LOVED it this season. Here's the deal: My name is Kaity, and I am a TV addict. Seriously. I watch a show once and then I am hooked. So there are all sorts of shows I have always wanted to watch, but I never let myself or I would end up like my fabulous friend Andrew who DVRs 32 shows a week...true story. Although I have to admit, I was a little jealous when I found out he can schedule that many shows to watch! Impressive! The only show I have really stopped watching was Nip/Tuck, because it's just gotten ridiculous. Yes, it has always been 100% jaw-dropping scenarios and dripping with raunchy sex, but that was fine. It just got really weird, and for the first time in years, I didn't find myself compelled to continue watching it. So, back to the Biggest Loser!!! Wahoo!!! Go Danny!!! He has been one of my favorites all season. He genuinely seems like a wonderful person who really deserves to win this. I am so happy for him and his family!

Here's how obsessed I am with this show: after all of my whining about being low-volumed Friday and Saturday night, I was kind of hoping for a low-volume tonight so that I could stay home and watch the finale! Haha, ridiculous. Alas, I did not get low-volumed. However, during my rounds to the patients, I took note of which moms were watching the finale, and I made frequent visits to them to check in and see how they were doing! So I actually took in a little chunk of the show, then I will just have to watch the whole thing when it goes up on This show is so inspirational, whenever I am working out and feeling lethargic, I give myself a verbal smack on the head and say, "If these people who weighed over 400 pounds can now run a marathon...I think I can run for 10 more minutes!" Biggest Loser may have nabbed me as an official fan for life :) Way to go to ALL of the contestants on this show, they look INCREDIBLE!

Cheers, Danny!

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  1. I'm very happy you have joined the obsession of Biggest Loser! I have been addicted for probably 5 seasons now, and for the past 3 I have a biggest loser party every week and my best friend Amy (and sometimes my friend elissa) comes over to watch with me and cole. It is what I look forward to throughout the week. I am so excited Danny won too..that is who I wanted! And the next season starts in Jan!! I'm glad that the show inspires someone to actually work out though...unfortunately i usually watch the show with some yummy treat! For the finale it was brownies and ice cream! Oops:)


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