Sunday, December 13

ups and downs - so life goes

So...after Thursday's chipper post...things kind of came crashing down for about 24 hours. I was in one of those moods where I was easily annoyed - and I HATE when I am like that. Seriously, I'll be annoyed at someone for even calling me at an inconvenient time - as if they actually knew that it wasn't the best time. Then Thursday afternoon my dad called me to tell me he had been laid off. Who lays off a bunch of people right before Christmas? Thanks for 9 years of hard work, see ya later. I just get so mad when people who work really hard aren't recognized for all of their effert. My dad worked SO hard, even working mandatory 14-hour work days twice a week for the last month. So I felt terrible for my dad, and all of the bad mood and stress I had been experiencing earlier just built up and I had kind of an emotional breakdown. After crying for a while and feeling totally helpless, I decided to take my frustrations out at the gym. Good move - I kicked my own butt and it felt great. (Update: I'm down 7.8 lbs but i still have 2.2 to reach my goal for New Years! Yikes...after this weekend of eating, not sure I'll make it!) For the first time in a REALLY long time, I ran without earphones plugged into either an iPod or the machine to watch TV. I actually took that time to sort things out in my head and just have a genuine talk with God. I hadn't taken time for a genuine conversation like that in a while, and it felt really nice.

Friday consisted of another great workout, errands, and finally switching Tyler/my phone plans so that we are actually on the same plan! And for the first time ever - 100% financially independent! Wahoo! Feels great! So then Friday afternoon I met my dad/sister at the usual sister swap spot in Longmont to take Linds for the weekend. It took foreverrrr - so much traffic! But once we got back to Aurora, I started my weekend of cooking. I got Tyler presents and stuff for his birthday, of course, but I really know that his favorite thing in the world is food, so I planned a weekend of meals just for him! I found a website called, and they have these recipes that have been "healthified" so that they still taste great but have fewer calories and less fat. It's an awesome website! So Friday I made a Mexican Pasta Skillet, and it was really good! Then just lounged with my sister and Penny while Tyler had to study study study. Then Penny had the luckiest night of her life because, for the first time ever, she slept on the bed for the whole night! She loves her bed that is next to our bed, but we usually allow her a few minutes of snuggle time with us before we kick her out of bed. That night we both just fell asleep and never kicked her off! Oops.

Saturday, my sister and I got up and did a cardio circuit at the gym - 20 minutes on the stairclimber, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 20 minutes on the elliptical. Talk about sweaty! We came home and whipped up some sandwiches then hit the Body Shop for an incredible sale they had. I got 60% off of all of my purchases - I seriously spent $80 but saved over $100! Finished up most of my Christmas shopping and of course treated myself with some Satsuma goodies (best scent ever created). After our Cherry Creek outing, we took Penny to puppy class! Awkward...but we were the only ones to show up! At Penny's first class there were 5 puppies...last week there were 2...and today was just us! Weird. But she got lots of 1-on-1 attention and ALL of the Pupperonis her little tummy could handle, so she thought it was great! Seriously, Penny LOVES Petsmart and puppy class SO much! I think Petsmart may be her favorite place on the planet. I was so proud though because her "teacher" said she was doing really well and that she could probably pass graduation right now! Yay! And she still has 4 weeks to go :) What a good girl I have! After puppy class, we went back home and cooked dinner - Spinach and Rice Casserole! Yum. I have had a newfound love for casseroles this fall! They are soooo easy and can be modified to use up whatever leftover veggies you have on hand! After a while, Tyler decided he had had enough studying, so he joined us and we watched Role Models (one of the approximately 25 movies I bought on Black Friday). Such a funny flick! I love Paul Rudd! Haha. The movie ended at 10:30 and by this point I was really eager for Tyler to open his birthday gifts (even though his birthday wasn't for another hour and a half). He had already let me talk him into opening one gift on Friday (Cranium! Funnest game ever!), but by 11:30 I persuaded him to let me give him the rest! Haha, I am such a pest. 

This morning, we let Penny come snuggle after her 6am potty, and I didn't sleep so well after that because I had a dog with a cone on her head trying to cuddle me. I basically had plastic in my face for the next 2 hours! Haha. When I finally decided to get up, it was time to start cooking again! For Tyler's birthday breakfast I made the Cheese Souffle recipe I posted a while back. I also made Garlic Mashed Potato Pancakes, a fun recipe by Cat Cora (incredible chef from Iron Chef America). And of course Tyler's favorite beverage ever - OJ! It was all a hit :) After breakfast, Tyler went to hole up and study, and Linds and I cleaned up the kitchen...only to immediately make a mess again because I decided to make lunch early. For lunch I made homemade Chicken Pot Pie - something I thought would be so difficult to make! But it was really pretty easy, very healthy, and one of my favorite recipes of the weekend! A perfect winter meal! We ran some errands, ate lunch, and baked Tyler's birthday cookies! We made oatmeal chocolate chip and raisin cookies. Then we piled them on the plate to make a cake out of the cookies - loved it! After chowing some cookies, Linds and I played some Wii. I haven't played Wii in so long! It was a blast! We took Penny for a walk and then all of the sudden, it was already time to drive Lindsey back to Longmont :( Boooooo. So, we packed up little Penny, turned up Cozy 101.1, and jammed to Christmas tunes for the drive. Penny and I said goodbye to Auntie Lindsey and turned right back around to head home. Once home, I made Tyler's favorite food to cap off the weekend - PiZzAaAaA! I made the crust, put some pesto spread and pizza sauce on the crust, and then tossed on mozzerella cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomoatoes, and spicy sausage. It turned out so yummy! I like cooking, but we have leftovers for days now, and I have to admit I am glad I won't have to cook for a while!

Sooooo, I skipped the gym today, but will be right back at it tomorrow! Then I have to get the house put together for the in-laws to come to dinner and also get to work by 7pm. Big day ahead! I hope all of you had a great weekend and acheive your goals for the week!

Cheers - 


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a fun packed weekend with lots of yummy food. Made my mouth water reading what all you made.
    Do you have any tips for how to shed some pounds since you have done so well? I can't seem to shed any with the running that I had been doing. But I def. need to get my butt into gear and just work out again.

  2. Well, the biggest thing for me is consistency with workouts. Then with food, I try to cut out liquid calories except for skim milk. Juices and alcohol add so much to your daily intake if you really think about it. And just being mindful about portions and things are what have been helping me also. I also like having a specific goal and I reward myself when I accomplish that goal. Like, say my goal is to hit the gym 5 times in a week. If I meet my goal, then I buy myself some new songs off of iTunes or some new lip gloss or something. Always recognize yourself when you do a good job! I hope some of that helps :)

  3. Thanks for those tips! The rewards are something that I need to do when I accomplish a goal.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your dad's job, that's a scary thing to go through. I'll keep your family in my prayers and I'm glad your husband had such a great birthday!

  5. I'm so sorry about your dad! That must be so hard, especially this time of year!! We'll be praying for you and your family!

  6. Like everyone else - I am sorry about your dad. I can relate because we just found out last week as well that Nick's dad is getting laid of in 10 days and we had all booked a cabin in Keystone 3 days before Christmas and it's just so hard and frustrating.
    I am so sad that a lot of times, especially in today's economy it feels as if we work 12 hour days with hardly any time to enjoy the day or hug a loved one, just so we can eat and live the next day. It's a vicious cycle.

  7. Mashed potato pancakes? Ummmmmm, YUM!! I hope your Dad has found something! This economy has gotta turn around soon!!


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