Wednesday, December 16

dove's promises messages

Hello! I am actually posting from home (weird) because work the other night was too busy for me to post (that's good news, means I wasn't so sleepy). At work I did, however, have time to eat 3 Dove chocolates - you know, the ones with the Promises messages. I got 3 different messages, and wanted to share them with you:

1. Don't go where no road leads, rather go where there is no road and make a trail.
Now, I'm not exactly a trailblazer, but I do agree with the first part about not going where no road leads. Sometimes we find ourselves on a path just for the sake of being on that path, and not necessarily because it will help us become who we want to be in life. Why have a job if it isn't making you fulfilled or helping you gain skills for what you want to do later in life? (I know, I know, in this economy it's difficult to be choosy about jobs) 
 2. Take an extra deep breath whenever you need it.
This is a good one to live by, and it is so simple, yet we forget to follow through with it. Why is that?
3. Dance with your heart.
This one is last, but certainly not least. It is my favorite one because, how can you not smile when thinking about what it means to lead a life where you dance with your heart?!? It makes my heart dance a little :)
I am always a sap for a good (albeit cheesy) quote to live by, do any you have good ones? I have a super cheesy thing I sometimes do in the mornings: when I first get up in the morning and go into the bathroom, I look my groggy self in the eye, plaster a smile on my face, and say, "It's going to be a great day!" Sooooo corny, but life is all about what we make it to be. If you start off your day with a positive attitude, it can make all the difference in how to behave and how you receive different things throughout the day. I'm not saying it will make your day perfect, but if I've intentionally decided that it is going to be a good day, and a stranger bumps into me, I am more apt to shrug it off, as opposed to turning around and trying to shoot daggers with my eyes into the strangers back while simultaneously saying, "Excuse you!!!" I would much rather prefer going about with a stupid grin on my face (think Amy Adam's character in Enchanted's) than live day-to-day with a negative attitude (think Bruce Almighty before he becomes God). I know this sort of positivity isn't attainable 24/7, and I also know that it can lead to a kind of she-looks-for-the-best-in-people-and-God-she-is-so-naive mentality others may have about me, but hey - I'd rather be naive than grumpy.  

Now that that's out of the way, I thought I would share kind of an exciting experience I had a work a few nights ago. A nurse specifically told me that this mom was Spanish-speaking only, and she asked me to go in and take her baby to the nursery so it could be assessed. So what do I do? Barge into the room and say, "Hi! I'm Kaitlyn, if now is a good time, I'd like to take your son to the nursery for a few minutes so we can weigh him and check his vitals." No response. Me: "Oh my gosh, that's right...habla Espanol?" Mom: "Si." I look at the mom's bedside table and see that there are two phones, which means I could easily pick up one phone, the mom picks up the other phone, and we converse via an operater whom we would both be on the line with. Instead, I see this as an opportunity to practice my Spanish. So I preface our conversation by explaining that I suck at Spanish, but that I am going to try. It's a bit of a muddled struggle, but we get through it and I was glad for the real life practice! I think she appreciated my efforts, though :)
Update on working out: I hit the gym yesterday and today, did lots of cardio mixes and a bit of lifting. I really need to lift more but I just don't like it, aaaagh. And taking a note from Pro, I really need to start utilizing the group classes offered at my gym! Honestly, I'm a big baby and too scared to go by myself! haha. So, that's why I haven't gone to a class yet. But as of today, I am down 8.4lbs and have 1.6lbs left to reach my goal on January 1! 

Just finishing up a movie (Made of Honor) snuggled with Penny, then it's off to dinner and games with Manuel and Andrew! Fun, fun!!! I hope everyone has had a great first half of the week, and has an even better second half! 




  1. but hey - I'd rather be naive than grumpy.

    boy do i love you (:

  2. I like your positive attitude. I think that I may have to steal your quote that you say to yourself in the morning. I am so happy for you with being so close to your goal!! You keep at it!!

  3. Loved your blog today - thank you for the three messages..they were definitely needed in my life at the moment. Especially the second set of advice. That is seriously a forgotten simple technique on staying relaxed, calm, and just level headed. A year ago when I was good about doing yoga all the time my instructor would always stress the importance of breathing and how easily we can calm our racing minds and anxiety by just taking a deep good breath!
    Thank you for your wise ambitions :) Great job on your goal weight!

  4. Hey girl, hey!
    I love, love, LOVE your outlook on life Kaity. You really are an inspiration and a daily reminder that with the right attitude, anything is attainable. I saw the shout-out, thanks lovey. It really is less daunting to go to a class by yourself but you never know, you might meet someone there who might be your new group class buddy :) Keep up the good work, you're so close to your goal!
    Love you lots,

  5. Thanks so much, ladies :) You all are fantastic women!


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