Tuesday, December 8

a new kind of genius

I have this new plan of action for writing blogs. So, at my job, I rely on the ladies to pop out babies, otherwise my night is pretty uneventful. It's 1:51am, and I have already done pretty much everything there is to do that is under my job description. This includes mom care, infant care, and various cleaning and organizing tasks. And I still have 5 1/2 hours left of work. Awesome. This leaves me with quite a bit of free time to surf the web and check my email 1,000 times to see if anyone has emailed me at this ridiculous hour. Oh yay, Bed Bath & Beyond emailed me a coupon! I'm officially a loser ;) Anyways, sometimes I want to write a blog but during my work week it doesn't always get done. And my hospital has put restrictions on websites we can visit (ugh - no facebook, FMLs, texts from last night, youtube...), and of course my blog website is restricted. Geez, it's like they think we'll all just spend hours upon hours stalking estranged acquaintances on facebook...which I probably would...but still! Now I just have to go to people.com and stalk celebrities. They have hotmail restricted, but they haven't restricted my CSU email address. Score! Point for me. So now I can write a blog in the form of an email to myself, and then just copy and paste it the next day at home! Genius! So that's what I'm doing. Crap, it's still only 1:59, I've only wasted 8 minutes.
Today my precious little Penny got spayed. I had been very nervous, regardless of what other people say. Yes, I know that nearly all puppies go through this...but it doesn't make it any easier! She is the first living being whose care is 100% in my hands, and it's scary to wonder whether you're making all the right decisions for her health! But her spay went well, so I was so thankful. I was sad though, because I literally only got to spend 15 minutes with her before I had to go to work. She was so drowsy and shaky and whimpering :( Broke my heart! Plus - she hates that cone on her head! I hope she gets a wonderful night's sleep and feels a little better in the morning. My little baby.
While I'm in a rambling mode...let's talk about my very favorite 15-year-old...my sister! Linds is coming to stay with Tyler and me for the weekend. I feel like I have partial custody of her via some messy divorce from my parents because this is what it looks like when she stays with us: I talk only to Lindsey about our plans. Nope, for some reason I don't talk to my parents, I just trust that she will make everything happen. We have a meeting point at the McDonalds in Longmont. It's precisely the halfway point between my parents driveway in Fort Collins and my driveway in Aurora - 40 minutes for each party. We exchange a few words at the drop-off, take Lindsey's bags, and high-tail it outta there. No sense in dragging things out. Weird, but it works. So anyway, Linds is coming to spend the weekend! Yayyyyy! Getting her Friday night and dropping her off at McDonalds (whether or not my parents are there to pick her up) on Sunday. This is great for me because Tyler has a test on Monday, so that means he will be studying his poor little brains to death, and that means I'll be watching a lot of TV to keep myself entertained.  Aside from my 2-a-days at the gym, of course! Speaking of the gym, my sister is now a member of 24-Hour-Fitness herself, so we can just go jog and lift and swim and dance our hearts out as much as we want all weekend. What fun!
The other important event of the weekend is that Tyler's 24th  birthday is on Sunday! Poor guy, for his entire life, his birthday has always been during finals week. That sucked in high school, sucked pretty bad in college, and sucks real bad in med school. So I am going to cook for him all day on Sunday and give him his presents, but then we can relax on Monday after his big test. Everyone wish him a happy bday and good luck on his test!


  1. Um a few words for you Miss Kaity...

    1.) BRILLIANT idea to "blog" at work in the form of an email...should help you waste, mmmm approx a hour every week? Sweeeet.

    2.) I HAD to laugh because your meeting spot to pick up Linds is PRECISELY where my parents used to meet when I would spend the weekend with my dad. Halfway between my mom's house in FOCO and my dad's in Aurora. Weird...brought back strange memories of their - ahem - messy divorce. I hope you have fun.

    3.) ...I can't remember what this one was going to be so, I'll just say that you're fabulous. Keep it up! Love reading :)


  2. That is so funny about the meeting spot, Lindsey! haha. I love it. :)


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