Wednesday, March 10

a sun kissed time

This whole week has just felt sun-kissed to me! I worked Wednesday and Thursday and was low volumed on Friday - yay! I took the opportunity to actually do something for myself - and went to the gym! Then I decided to be social and went out with some girls for a girls' night birthday celebration! My oh-so-sweet husband dropped me off downtown (with puppies in tow, of course!) and we had a lot of fun! I hardly ever go out, and this was a much needed night of girl time! 
I ended up having a good ole' fashioned sleepover at Whitney's - which was fun! So much girl talk...which when drunk leads to deep heartfelt confessions, reminiscing about high school, and too many tears. Haha. Saturday morning I FINALLY tried Snooze for the first time. I had never even heard about Snooze until I moved to Denver, and then it was the only breakfast place that anyone ever talked about! People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I had never eaten there. It was similar to how I react if someone from Fort Collins says they have never eaten at Big City Burrito (which is sheer craziness, by the way, because we all know who makes the world's best burrito...). It was really yummy - and the pomegranite mimosa helped the hangover, for sure ;)
 At breakfast

Tyler picked me up from Whitney's, then I came home for day of relaxation in the sun. I'm not too picky about where/how I'm in the sun, as long as I'm basking in it (and no, I'm not advocating for skin cancer - always wear sunscreen!). Since we don't have any lounge chairs, I brought Penny's dog bed outside and lounged on it. Ha. Tyler was amused and took a photo to document (no, I'm not posting it - it's REAL unflattering, just trust me). And the dogs were just plain confused. They circled me, sniffed me, and pawed at me. Penny cried a few times until she realized I wasn't about to budge from my cozy place on her bed. They settled in beside me and we dozed for an hour. It was glorious :) Although, after sleeping on the bed, I decided it needed to be smelled of peanut butter from their kongs. Once I was able (took quite a bit of resting...), we took the doggies on a walk. See, I knew I'd be such a better mom once the weather was better!

After the walk we napped the evening away, then got dressed in our best duds and went to an 80s party that a nurse from work was having! I went as an 80s prom and Tyler was kind of 80s prom but then didn't really turn out that way. Either way, we were 80s through and through.
Now, I am SUCH a fan of theme parties!!! Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I stuck with rugby over the college years was for the incredible theme parties we threw! Not really - I loved the sport and my teammates :) but seriously, we threw rad parties. Here are pictures from our Gangster, Pirate, and Pretty Pretty Princess parties:
I think a party of rugby girls dressed as princesses was my favorite!!!

Anyways...Sunday was momentous for us - we took the puppies to a dog park for the first time! We found a free fenced in park only about 10 minutes from where we live, so that is awesome! If you haven't gathered from my previous posts about Penny...she actually thinks she is a princess. I'm serious. She thinks Tyler and I are her servants and that Gryffin is a high-tech toy we got for her. She does what she wants, pretty much. We do try to make her behave, and she'll do it, but not without mouthing off. She is also so very Alpha with anyone we meet. No matter that she is only 32 lbs, she takes on dogs who are 100+ lbs like they're a chihuahua. Ridiculous. So, while we were excited for this outing, we were actually pretty sure we were going to get kicked out and have to run awkwardly and embarrasedly away with our yipping and misbehaving little mongrels happily at our heals. Holding our breath, we walked into the dog park. After about 30 seconds of watching the dozens of dogs running around, and Penny and Gryffin surprisingly remaining calm about the situation, we nervously took off their leashes. Instead of immediately darting away from us, they hung out by us and started doing a lap of the perimeter of the park. They happily greeted each and every human and dog they came across, no aggression whatsoever! And no humping from Gryffin! Double success! We were there for over an hour before the pups started to slow down (and by slow down I mean jogging instead of racing everywhere). Our babies did great - and I was SO proud to not be kicked out of the dog park on our first visit!
Tongues out = tired and blissful!
After the dog park I decided to go shopping at Costco for the first time. If you remember, I signed up for our Costco membership last week. I was only going for the necessities - paper towels, toilet paper, snacks for the Oscars...and a book...and a 13-pack of Chapstick (!?!? Amazing deal, I assure you)...and a 3-pack of mascara (which I needed for reals). $250 and an hour of walking around the gargantuan warehouse with wide eyes later, I made it out alive and well.

I made it home just in time for Colleen and Ollie to arrive for an Oscars play date! Colleen brought the vino and I had the snacks - and we enjoyed hours of cheering for Sandra Bullock, The Hurt Locker, and Avatar, making fun of George Clooney's really weird facial expressions, and oohing and aahing over the gorgeous gowns. I was a little mad that the dresses these people wear on a night out were that beautiful, but whatever, because I am planning on going to Forever 21 this weekend. Take that, Hollywood. 2 bottles of wine later, we said goodbye to our friends and we went to bed. But I did insist on Penny staying the night in our bed with us. haha. Oops. Good thing Tyler knows just when to not argue, but roll his eyes, sigh, and kiss me on the forehead. Even when I'm being a completely tipsy, stubborn, giggling idiot. Love him :)

I worked Monday night and got sent home at 3am. I was really excited because I was exhausted. I was asleep by 4am and had 8 hours of glorious sleep in by noon! But of course I slept til 2pm...just for good measure. I woke up and planned meals with Tyler. Did I mention he gave up CHEESE for Lent?!?! Sheesh. So we've been trying to find decent food that doesn't have cheese in it (I'm not entirely sure that exists). Here's what we came up with: bratwursts with sauerkraut, curried split pea soup, corn and buttermilk soup with tomato corn relish, BLTs, and chicken coconut curry soup. Apparently I'm into soups this week. I'm also planning on making myself cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, YUM. LOVE FOOD.

At the grocery store I also picked up some lovely daffodils that caught my eye on the way to the check out. They are so sunny and beautiful - I couldn't resist them! Plus at $1.48 for a bundle - how can you refuse? So I got two, duh, and now they look so lovely on our table!
Tuesday night at work was fine - it was a little sad because we had two demises - or babies who had passed away in utero and the moms still had to labor and deliver them. So many things about my job make me so scared to have babies...So tonight, I should have been at work a few hours ago but I was low volumed for the first 4 hours. So I'll see at 9pm if they need me. Hopefully they do because we are low on the $$Moneys$$. After blogging I'm heading to the gym, where I plan to get my cardio on and hopefully watch Modern Family if it is playing on one of the screens!

Tyler has his finals tomorrow and Friday, and I am SO looking forward to him having a true Spring Break! Saturday we are planning on going to the dog park again and Saturday night we are seeing Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately - and I cannot wait! She is such a hilarious woman! Sunday we have designated as "Cuddle Day" - and I am so excited! We get to rent movies and catch up on lounging together on the couch! Yay! It's going to be a wonderful weekend :) 

Sooooo...I'm realizing that I should really blog more frequently instead of these RIDICULOUSLY long blogs once every 10 bad. Thanks for bearing with me, and I'll try to do better! Happy Wednesday evening, everyone :)

Cheers - to you and yours -


  1. I bought 2 bundles of daffodils at the grocery store today...Safeway? :-) They are so bright and cheerful! Loved this always go all out for theme parties and I love hearing about them. And, I'm super excited that you finally tried Snooze; my fave!!

  2. I have never heard of Snooze. Glad to hear that you had a good weekend! Those daffodils are so pretty. It makes me want to have warmer weather. Hope that you have a wonderful rest of your week. Your weekend sounds like it will be fabulous.

  3. Dang woman...I took my entire nail polish off reading that whole thing :) But it's easy to follow your read, because you have a "talking" writing's as if I'm on the phone with you :)

    Um...I LOVE the "cuddle" day!! I'm so stealing that. See you tomorrow hopefully at F21! :)


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