Friday, March 12

a good start

Okay, so I did a great cardio workout Wednesday - which was the kick start to my new fitness "regime" - if you will ;) . Yesterday I ate really well, then went to the gym and warmed up for Body Pump with some stairs and elliptical. Body Pump KiLLeD, as usual! My hamstrings are already starting to feel sore this morning...oh crap. So after this post I'm going to hit the gym before I get too sore! haha. 

I just wanted to share a new plan I have. While Tyler really enjoys eating healthfully, I know there are sometimes some things he would like to eat that I am basically scared to cook because I know I will eat too much of it. Case in point: this morning is his last final before Spring Break, and seeing as how I woke at 2:30am and couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to cook for him. His FAVORITE breakfast is potatoes and eggs. I ADORE me some potatoes and eggs, too. But the potatoes are kind of greasy, and I usually wind up eat a heaping mound of them and dipping them in WAY too much ketchup. So, to avoid all of this, I decided to add bacon to the potatoes because I don't like bacon very much. I can only eat it every once in a while, and we had turkey BLTs last night for dinner, so I am already over bacon for the next few months. Plan worked perfectly! I smelled the bacon and had zero desire to eat those naughty potatoes! Instead, I had clementine wedges with toasted coconut and eggs with tomatoes. 

I am very satisfied with this :)
So now do I just add bacon to everything I shouldn't eat? Pizza? Maybe. Ice cream? Nah.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. We just watched an episode of scrubs last night and Turk is eating "brinner" Breakfast for dinner and he puts bacon in his ice-cream for dessert. This post made me laugh thinking of it. Good job on working out!

  2. Oh my gosh what a funny coincidence! lol

  3. I do not remember the name of the cookbook but it is a diet cookbook I guess that allows you to eat some very yummy foods that you like but are WAY healthier for you. When I get the name of it I will give it to you. That way you can still have some potatoes, hamburgers and all that kind of food.

  4. Kaitlyn,

    You are maybe the only person I know who would smell bacon...and not want to EAT the bacon. CRAZY, but hey whatever works, right?! Good job girl...such an inspiration.


  5. Thanks Jody - that sounds great! I look up a lot of recipes online but a cookbook could be nice too! And Lindsey - trust me, I know I am weird! But I'm SO glad I don't like bacon. Our house smells like it now from cooking it last night/today...and it's making me sick!

  6. Good start! Keep it going!!! You can do it! I am starting up again too!!


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