Tuesday, March 16

shoes, glorious shoes

Any of you know the musical Oliver? Any of you know the song that goes, "Food, glorious food!" Well, it's a true story that yesterday upon getting home from a fabulous day of shopping with my sidekick sister, I sang "Shoes, glorious shoes!!!" at the top of my lungs to the tune of Oliver's song. haha. So I renewed my vow to work out more last Weds, and my goal was to work out 5 days in a row. I did it! So I decided I needed a prize. I've been going out here and there in Denver, and I have realized I don't own very many cute and functional pairs of high heels. It's not Fort Collins' Trailhead, where you can wear sweatpants and it's fine. This is Denver, where the girls I go out with get decked out head to toe (H2T - thanks, Tyra!). So, we drove to Fort Collins yesterday because Tyler wanted to brew beer with his dad and brothers. Did I want to join in all the brewing fun? No thanks. Would I like to go high heel shopping instead? Why, I think I would like that very much, please. 

Lindsey and I started out at DSW. I haven't had luck here before, but perhaps that is because I have always gone with a very specific shoe in mind. This time, the rules were: 
1. Cute
2. High heels
3. Zero pain (I made a deal with Tyler that for every $10 the shoes cost, I would walk in them for a minute, just to make sure they didn't hurt within those few minutes)
 There were no "maybes". Either perfect or not. And my sister-turned-drill-sergeant made me stick to the rules. So, at DSW, the first pair my sister found were teal close-toed cloth pumps made by Rocket Dog (they make heels?!?!).
Successful pair #2 are Madden Girl black open toed T heels with ruffles along the T. Literally too comfortable for words. Too bad I can't wear them to work.

Pair #3 are Chinese Laundry strappy heels that channel sandals and will look so cute with sundresses! Also ridiculously COMFORTABLE despite the 4 inch + heels.
Note the zipper in the back!

After great and unexpected success, we tried Famous Footwear. Nothing caught my eye so we bounced to the mall. Macy's had some lovely black pumps by JSimpson and Guess. But of course they were out of my size in the one's by Jessica, and the Guess ones felt terrible. On to Journey's! I found a beautiful pair of sequined black close-toed pumps. LOVE THEM! Comfortable too! The girl who works their says she wears them to 12-hour days at motorcycle rallies - surely they'll work for a 6 hour night on the town, then?!?! 
Yes -that is a purple lining

Lastly, we went to Old town because I had a gift card to the Cupboard left over from our WEDDING! Yes, it was almost a year ago! Haha. I got some fun tools for Tyler - a meat injecter, a meat tenderizer, and a meat thermometer. Can you tell he likes to cook meat? And I got us some SUPER cute mojito glasses, stirrers, and white balsamic vinegar because we needed it for a recipe and I couldn't find it at a regular grocery store. So that was fun! 

Then we hit our last shoe stop. Cira. Love that place for shoes! And I found the most sky-high adorable floral peep toe heels! I think they may be my favorite!!!
So this must be love. Super sexy love. 

So yes, I did get 5 pairs of high heels. Silly? Maybe. But I really have needed more of a variety for a VERY long time. And I thought I would have to spend more to get high quality, but I only spent $200 for all 5 pairs. I don't think I did too shabby :)

*Disclaimer: I don't mean for this post to be a bragfest...I just realized it kind of sounds like that. I'm just super stoked to have the new shoes and proud that I got them at kind of a deal!

Now, in a few weeks for a prize I get to get 2 pairs of wedges, I have decided! Gotta work out 5 days/week for 2 weeks to earn those!

Which brand/style of heels do you recommend for someone wanting to be cute yet practical?

Cheers to shoes!!!


  1. Two words.

    I'm jealous.

    Okay maybe I needed three words.

    I'm INSANELY jealous.

    So cute Kaity. Too cute for words. Have fun with those!

  2. Very cute! I have a pair of Chinese Laundry and they're so well made and comfy. I have been looking at a pair of those Qupid shoes in Zebra. Definitely loving your shoe picks :D

  3. Let me know if you find more comfy brands! I've always wanted to be a heel wearing gal!

  4. Now that is GREAT style! I just wish they were all comfy!!!

  5. Such cute heels and for such a good deals!! I liked reading the H2T part. I have heard Tyra say that on her show and it made me laugh. Hope that you get to enjoy wearing your new heels in this nice weather!!

  6. Thanks, girls! I'm serious - the Madden Girls and Chinese Laundry shoes are SO COMFORTABLE! The other 3 pass, too, of course, that was the point of my shopping trip!

  7. Kaity! I'm so glad to be reading your blog--it's so cute! And the shoes--ummmm, way cute. I had no idea Rocket dog made heels either, but those are probably the cutest shoes I've ever seen. And I miss Cira...I love that store!

  8. Wow you really hit the jackpot of shoes! Cute! Love DSW!!

  9. Your post does not make you seem braggy at all! I think it's adorable!! :D And the SHOES! :D
    Aaaand..since I recently was employed by the fabulous world of DSW myself I can say that you picked some of the best brands for heels! And yes that includes Rocketdog! We had those still when I worked there, they're fabulous! And those Steve Maddens that you got are going on a year now - not because they're old, but they came out for the first time in grey last year and we couldn't keep em in the store, so much that they came out with different colors now and I will never forget when I sold 5 pair of em to a group of professional dance girls that came in looking for good dance shoes - so I think you definitely picked a good comfy shoe :)

    they're all fantastic and I totally think you deserved each and every one of those pairs! Especially since you stuck to your workout days AND your shopping rules.


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