Tuesday, March 29

new experiences: breckenridge!

Hey out there!

How is everyone's week starting off? I'm happy happy --- sitting in my sister's {BFF} squishy bed in Fort Collins right now. I spent the night playing Mad Gab with Tyler and my family and laughing til my cheeks and belly hurt! I love having that kind of fun with the family :) It does make me miss my brother a lot, though. He's that piece of the puzzle that's been missing during the fun times of the last two years. If you're just tuning in to my life, my 22-year-old brother is a Marine, currently stationed in Japan. I love him to pieces and am so proud of all the good he is doing over there!!! This laughter was much needed after a long day filled with car fixing appts, dentist appts, and the boredom that results when one is stranded without a car!

Well ANYHOO since I was so behind in telling you about all the adventures on...I only have a few more to tell you about until we're all up to speed!

Moving on to our trip to Breckenridge! 
So, when Tyler and I got married {April 26, 2009}, a family I used to babysit for gave us a weekend to use their fabulous condo in Breck as our wedding gift! Such an AWESOME gift! Although it did prove to be a tad bit difficult to find a good time for us to use it {seeing as how we finally used it almost 2 years later!}. But we finally used it March 21-23. We had free reign of a gorgeous 6-person ski-in-ski-out condo right on the 4-O'Clock Run! 

If you're new to my blog, you may not know that last October I ran my first half-marathon. An accomplishment of which I am very proud! But I also got a stress fracture in my foot during that run! Bummer. My foot as slowly but surely been on the mend, but it is still not 100% just yet. So, due to this dumb old injury, I didn't want to reinjure myself by hitting the slopes on my beloved snowboard. *sigh* At first it was quite depressing to be watching people board down the run out the back window ALL DAY LONG. But our {or rather, mine --- but Tyler didn't dare go without me! Good man.} inability to board meant that we had the chance to take advantage of the other fun things Breck has to offer! Usually we board --> party --> sleep : repeat. This trip, however, we went sledding, walked the entire town of Breck multiple times, did plenty of shopping, and went DOG SLEDDING!!! Highlight of the trip, can you tell? Here are pics from our fabulous trip :)

 On our way up the mountain, we decided to stop in Idaho Springs for some pizza from the original BeauJo's! I've had BeauJo's before {FoCo - duh!}, but never at the first location! And since it's on the list...well, then you know I had to do it!

Divine spicy chicken and artichoke pizza!

The first thing we did at the condo: spot Jenga in the pantry!

First night in Breck: we went to the Breckenridge Brewery & Pub for dinner and beer! {also on the list of Colorado to-dos}

Our taster tray of deliciousness. 

All the fab beers we tried. Seriously all so good.

After brewery tasting, we went for a night sledding session!

Love this guy. He steered us out of near disaster sled-crashing situations multiple times! 

Tuesday morning we went DOG SLEDDING! Yep. With a team of real sled doggies. 

 It's kind of hard to tell, but this is a picture of the dog sled team being steered by some of the people on the trip with us. We each got to take a turn steering the team through the turns in beautiful open mountain space! So exhilarating! I definitely recommend it!

And THIS is why I will never move from CO by choice. 

Loving the sun and this new experience! Which was - of course - a suggestion on my little {or big} ole trusty list

Happy happy happy day :)

New snowboots found shopping in Breck! My last pair I got 5 years ago and they weren't even waterproof. How does a CO girl manage that? With waterproofing shoe spray, of course! But --- UPGRADE for sure!

Playing with our food on sushi night out after shopping. 

So many yummies in our tummies. 

We came across a Fat Tire van on our way back to the condo in a snowstorm! It was like a beacon of light amidst the gray! Love love love you New Belgium! If you don't know about New Belgium, then get on the next plane to CO and I'll take you Fort Collins so you can tour the breweries there. 

After dinner we found this EPIC Sega Genesis game in the condo! My FAVORITE from when I was a kid! My brother and I used to play this soooo often!

So happy to be playing Sega {last known picture of my glasses...I lost them somehow last week. DAMMIT}

Yup. We beat the game. Record time, too!

Drinking celebratory Leinenkugels...

by the fireplace :)

So --- wonderful and super cheap Colorado vacation! We loved every minute :) And I checked 3 activities off of the list! Woohoo! Here's how happy I am about that:



  1. I want to go dog sledding!! That sounds amazing!

  2. I love Breckenridge!! :-) I think we need a New Belgium tour date soon.

  3. That sounds like such an amazing trip!!!

  4. You guys are too stinking cute. LOVE the b&w beer photo.


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