Sunday, March 27

new experiences: celestial seasonings!

Since I'm in the mood to inform you of all the neat activities I've been up to, I think I should share about the awesome trip Erin and I took to Celestial Seasonings a few weeks ago! In case you didn't know, Celestial Seasonings is located in Boulder, CO. I have never gone to tour the factory, and since it's on my giant list of CO things to do, I figured I ought to do it! And who better to meet there than a fellow tea-loving-chatty friend of mine? It was awesome! It was SUCH a beautiful day and the factory is nestled in such a peaceful little nook in Boulder. Here are some photos from our girl date excursion :)

The Tea Shop...where I bought 9 boxes of deliciousness! New flavors and I have loved them all! You can't have too much tea! We love having our options :)

Yep. A dress made of teabags. Why? Why not?

In the tea tasting room loving our samples. 

On the factory tour, a forbidden photo of the Mint Room! This is an extreme experience! Sooo minty it makes your eyes burn! haha. I felt like I was in Willy Wonka's factory! The tour was fun and I learned a lot about the tea making process! And it's free!

On the corner of Sleepytime and Zinger :)

I love Colorado :)
I love girl dates with Erin.
I love new experiences!


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  1. I love girl dates with you, too!! :-) Tea, babbling, bloody mary's and so much laughter! Let's make a habit of getting together, yea?


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