Sunday, March 27

new experiences: blackhawk!

Do you guys remember that incredibly ambitious list of 101 things all Coloradans should do? I've been making some serious headway on that list lately! And don't worry, I've been doing plenty of documenting of all this fun.

Last night, we went to Blackhawk for my friend Steve's birthday. So, for my wine and cheese birthday party last month, Steve showed up sporting a naaaasty mustache. Photo evidence of said mustache:

So, in honor of his birthday, Tyler and I rocked a mustache in Blackhawk.

Bahahaaaa. It was so pretty funny. I got a whole lot of different responses to the mustache. Those responses include, but are not limited to:
"What iiiiis that?"
"Can I take a picture with you?"
"Mustache March!" 
"You must be Greek." 
"Honey, do you know that you have a mustache on your face?" 
"Aren't you a girl?"

We stayed at the Isle of Capri, and spent the whole night running around from casino to casino. We even hit up a new hookah lounge. I didn't exactly gamble a whole lot, but I did take advantage of the free alcohol provided! For suuuuure! I actually am pretty sure I was the Snooki of Blackhawk last night. Running around like a freaking tornado. Haha. What a blast. 

The bartender really listened to my request for extra green olives! YUM!

The mustache-rockin' crew :)

So, I can now check Blackhawk off of my giant-Colorado-to-do-list!
Cheers to that!

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  1. OMG, you and your olives! haha! The moustaches pretty much rock my world!


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