Monday, April 4


Happy Monday to you!

Yes, it's 4:30am and I'm blogging :) But what's new? I'm sure you're used to my odd-hour postings by now. If you don't know why I am up at all hours --- it's because I work the night shift at a hospital on the mom/baby unit. 12 hour shifts. Yup. It's not so bad, just makes for a strange sleep schedule --- or a lack of one entirely :)

Anyhoo --- that is NOT the purpose of my post :) 

I am writing to share an *AWESOME* experience I had last night! It's not on the mega-Colorado list, but it's on my personal list of Denver experiences I need to have! I have been wanting to go to Jump Street for AGES, and we finally went! If you don't know about Jump Street, let me inform you! It's a big building. Filled with trampolines. And you pay per hour to jump. Jump jump jump. Yup, just like a kid :) It was so much fun! Here is the link if you're curious about locations or want more info about Jump Street: 

The awesome carpet. 

Tyler and I went with Mandrew and it was a blast! Not to mention a fabulous workout! We started with some races through the obstacle course! Which were hilarious. Grown ass adults racing through inflatable obstacle courses, tripping and falling over each other continuously! And laughing the whole time :) 

Here's me faceplanting at the bottome of the slide, haha. Good times!

Then we went through a maze, ran into a few walls along the way ;) and headed to the giant trampoline pit to get our JUMP on! We played crack-the-egg, did Sit-knee flips {or Sydnie flips}, had running and hopping contests, and did an ANTM photo shoot challenge. Haha. We were sweaty messes collapsing in fits of laughter and getting in trouble the whole time. Yes, out of all the kids and teenagers there, we were the ones getting hollered at. It was worth it :)

Funniest shot of the night!!!!!

Cutest shot of the night!

Love these ones with my honey!

And a few more trips through the obstacle course before our hour of jump is up!
This squeezer is really hard to get through when you're a grownup!

Tyler breaks all the rules. Not the safe way to go down the slide, mister!
 The end.
But not the end of Jump Street for us!
It was everything I hope it would be, and I'll be back for a good sweat/laugh sesh soon!
And did I mention there is a dodgeball trampoline court you can rent?
Guess where Tyler's birthday party will be next year...!!!

Cheers :)

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