Tuesday, April 19

sunny diego

Hello, friends!

So a LOT has happened in the last week for me! But let me just let this blog entry be a documentation of our fabulous trip to San Diego! I want to start by saying I LOVE traveling in April/May! Everywhere touristy is just so incredibly managable when it isn't during peak tourist season! Like Sea World and the Zoo --- we were able to do EVERYTHING we wanted because there weren't tourists packed in like sardines in either place! Plus, I'd way rather do the zoo during 65 degree weather instead of 80 degrees! But that's just me. 

Aaaanyyyhoooo. Here's our trip in a series of some of my favorite shots :)

On a stroll through Seaport Village, we found this beautiful rainbow splashed across the side of the building! So pretty! :)

Seaport Cafe on the Pier

Seaport Cafe has the biggest onion rings I've ever seen! Delicious! But made me sick after a while!

We happened to be there on April 12th - free Ben & Jerry's Scoop Day! Yum! I reeaalllyyy needed my lemonade sorbet at that moment!

Birds of Paradise grace every lawn in San Diego!

At Sea World! First stop --- feeding the dolphins! It was so fun!
Then off to the dolphin show! They're so awesome :)

Pretty stoked after the dolphin show. 

The Sea Lion Show --- doing the tango with a rose in his mouth! Haha. 

It's Jaws! Scary scary tunnel of sharks. 

I took a picture of our splash ride picture!

Time for Shamuuuuu!

Loved the Orca show!

These polar bears were super active! So cool!

Mr. Walrus showing us his food.

Awesome tree outside of our hotel!

Beer flights and tons of food during our anniversary dinner! Yum :) Love local microbrews!

Breakfast at The Mission: A conscientious eating place. 
I had a fabulous cheesy egg/tomato croissant with fruit salad! 
DIVINE! Oh and a bloody mary, duh.

Pacific Beach

Loving our beach day!
And notice my wrapped foot...my running injury from October really flared up on this trip. I had to wrap it every day!

Tyler being so cute and making a headrest out of sand. Like his new mirrored shades?

Loving our relaxing vacation time! Fun in the sun, water, and sand!

San Diego Zoo day!!! Pandas are my favorite animal of allllll time! They were active that day! Preparing to mate the male and female! This is the female. So beautiful!

The male waiting patiently next door for him to be able to spend time with his girl!

The female, antsy to see her man!

And then they closed the exhibit for the rest of the day to give the pandas privacy! We felt so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to see them!

Orangutans are so cool. 

Polar Bear all sprawled out eating carrots for a snack. Yes, carrots!

Elephant having a snack :)

Mama and baby giraffe! So cute. 

Visiting with the lemurs! Such funny little guys.

The koala exhibit was really cool! These guys were snoozing the day away.

Baby gorilla! So stinkin' cute!!!

Enjoying some soft-serve after our looooong day of walking! The San Diego Zoo is world class and huuuuge!

We loved our 4 day trip to San Diego! Saw so much, ate wonderful food, spent quality time together, and went to bed around 8pm every night! Much needed R&R after Tyler's hard work on his boards! 

Cheers to vacations!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, it looks like you guys had so much fun! I want to go to San Diego now!


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