Monday, January 10

to do: fort collins edition

As I mentioned in my post this morning, my 2011 goal is to do more fun activities this year. While I was comprising this MASSIVE list of things to do, it got me thinking about what an awfully boring host I've been to guests over the years! When people have come to stay with me and have asked what there is to do, I usually responded with something like, "Uhhhhh, I don't know...there's a good restaurant I know...". I wince at these memories, and have since vowed to never be a lackluster host again! With my new activities lists, I am all set to show guests the best places in Denver and all of Colorado to do fun things!

And yes, I even made a list of hotspots to hit in my hometown of Fort Collins :) Now that I have this list made, I won't be caught again with no ideas of neat things to show or tell people to do. Here is my list of Fort Collins must-dos:

-       Drive-In

-       Breweries:
o   New Belgium
o   Anheuser – Busch {Budweiser}
o   Odell
o   The Fort Collins Brewery
o   Coopersmith’s
o   CB & Pott’s
o   Equinox Brewing

-       Rafting {Poudre River}
-       Swetsville Zoo
-       Fort Fun
-       Arapahoe National Forest {hiking, camping}
-       Horsetooth {hiking, reservoir}

-       Avery House
-       The Haunted Game Café
-       Big City Burrito

-       Lyric Cinema Café
-       Old Town 
  - City Park

For my Fort Collins friends --- are there things I am missing on this list? I'm sure there are :) What are you favorite things to do/see/show off to others in Fort Collins?

Thanks for your input :) 


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