Saturday, January 15

dave & busters

So --- I have wanted to go to Dave & Busters for YEARS, y'all! 

And guess what we did last night? I bet you guessed right! Got together a group of friends and went to our local D&B for some food, drinks, and games! It was such a blast! What a different way to spend our Friday night! And with the $10 off coupons we had, Tyler and I ended up spending $70 total for the night out! I'd say that's not too shabby for a fun night out in Denver for 2 people! Here are pictures of the fun we had :)

Tyler playing a tanks game

I love love love racing games!

Best team game ever! 6 players!

Ms. PacMan time!

Love fun date nights with my honey!!!

Haha love this game. 

 Beer + Games

 Yeah, get it get it! Vrooooom!

I hope Daytona USA lives forever. 

Thank you for your time, D&B!

What is YOUR favorite way to have a fun date night?

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  1. They have a place similar to that around here. The hubs and I went there after the comedy club on our first date. Love it!


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