Wednesday, January 12

new eateries + drinkeries

In an effort to show you guys that I am in fact doing lots of fun/new things already this year, I should probably share with you the list of new things I have done! 

- I ate at BamBu near the Denver Tech Center with friends. It was delish! Reminded me of a Noodles-esque place, except for Chinese food! Yum!

- We stopped by Ototo's Food and Wine Bar for a glass of wine while waiting for our dinner reservations across the street. The bartender was friendly and knowledegable, and offered us samples of our wine before we decided on our glasses. We loved the atmosphere, and the prices weren't too shabby! 

- We then went to dinner at the Sushi Den! I have heard soooo many good things about this place, and I must say that it was fantastic! If you're looking for a good place for sushi in Denver, go here! Elegant and delicious!

- I visited the Curtis Hotel --- so awesome! Retro, mod, and entirely fun! This is where Mandrew are getting married in August! I am beyond excited!

- We ate at The Yardhouse --- a new restaurant on 16th Street Mall that has 130 beers on tap! Holla! It was delish! I totally recommend this place if you're on 16th Street shopping!

- Last weekend I FINALLY did the New Belgium Brewery Tour! I have done tastings there, but never the full brew tour! It was so much fun! We then went to Equinox Brewery in Fort Collins. It was quaint and quite tastey! Here are pictures of the fun we had!

A warped mirror that said, "I Like Beer."

Love you, Fat Tire!

They had funny little mosaics all around the beer vats!

Beer facts...

Where it is all bottled!

Tyler going down the slide - a mandatory part of the tour!

With my mama and my auntie :)

With my honey!

Equinox tasting - $7 --- Worth it!


Oh, and just for fun, I took a picture of the big blue bear at the Convention Center. Why? Because it's #51 on my big list of 101 Things All Coloradans Should Do! Hi Mr. Bear!!!

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