Sunday, January 30

ewok on a leash...

Hey there, bloggers! 

Here for a weekend update! For starters, just thought you should know that I saw an Ewok on a leash at the dog park today. Haha. It looked an awful lot like this:

The dogs were SO thrilled to be out of the house and running in the mud/water/tall tall grass. See how happy they were?

Gryffin ADORES running!

This weekend was wonderful! Friday night I went out on the town with some of my ladies {note to self: NO MORE bottle service! Sitting in a booth drinking and taking pictures gives me a falce perception of my levels of drunkness...} Made for a bad Saturday morning! But it's always fun to get dolled up!

Saturday afternoon my girl Pro came up and we had a loooong chatfest followed by an ogle-fest when we went to see No Strings Attached. It was such a great movie! Everyone in it was so funny and it had phenomenal one-liners! Quite a different character from Portman's role in Black Swan! I loved it. We then went for dinner at BJ's, where I had a classy giant glass of chocolate milk with my dinner. Haha. Real mature...and delicious! At home we gabbed more on the couch, watched The Blindside {for the first time, go Sandra!}, and enjoyed root beer floats! Unfortunately, Pro and I always are too wrapped up in our fun, and we never remember to take pictures together! So I have no documentation of our fun :/

What did YOU do this weekend? Have you seen No Strings Attached?

I am really excited because I rented The Pillars of the Earth tv miniseries. I read that book last fall, and was super excited to hear about the miniseries...only to miss the miniseries when it aired!   

I am also looking forward to the SAG awards tonight!  I've been really into the award season this year for some reason...


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  1. You looked gorgeous lady! The highlight of my weekend was relaxing at the beach on Sunday morning!


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