Monday, January 17

a reason for liking snow

Hey friends! I hope you all are able to enjoy your 3-day weekend! I just had some funny videos to share with you --- they show Gryffin playing fetch in the snow. He's so cute. The lighting wasn't good in the videos, but here's some cute little puppy videos for your MLK Jr Day!

I'm a Colorado girl, but that doesn't mean I like the snow. I only like snow in these instances: a) on Christmas b) when my puppies have fun playing in it c) when it's light and fluffy {none of that heave, wet crap} and the temps aren't subzero and there's no wind d) when I'm snowboarding in c's conditions. If it's not a - d's circumstances, then snow should stay in the mountains. That's my opinion :)


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  1. You're funny. I like snow when it blizzards and I don't have to go to work and then it's 60 and it all melts away the next day.


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