Wednesday, January 19

mini shopaholic

Happy Wednesday, readers!

I successfully finished my first book of the new year! My lovely brother gave me Mini Shopaholic, the latest Shopaholic book of the series, for Christmas. I adore these books :) So much fun! For those 418 pages, I was thrown into the bubbly life of Becky Brandon as she raises her two-year-old daughter {already showing signs of a great love for shopping herself} and tries to plan a fabulous surprise birthday party for her husband --- on  a budget. If you're into this series, then I recommend it!

I wish they would make more movies based on these books! Because I adore how Isla Fischer played Becky Bloomwood! 

What are you reading right now?



  1. I need to read the Shopaholic series...I have the first one I'm pretty sure. Have you read "Can You Keep A Secret?" or "Twenties Girl" by Kinsella? They're great!

  2. I started reading this book last week. I only read it for a little while, I must finish it. I really like this series.

  3. I stopped after the second book in the series. I need to borrow the other ones from my sis!


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