Sunday, February 14

in the name of love

Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweet and fabulous ladies! I am DEFINITELY a fan of Valentine's Day - not for the commercial aspect of chocolates and roses (didn't get either today and didn't want any!) but because it is a day where you are reminded to be appreciative of those who mean something special in your life. It may seem obvious to say 'I Love You' to your parents and significant other, but what about those friends that have been there through thick and thin or your wonderful grandma? I am SO thankful for the loving people I have in my life, strong women and caring men who have helped me to become who I am today! I am thankful for my friends and especially for my blog readers - you all may never know what your comments and support mean to me. This blog is about bettering myself and following my ambitions to make them a part of my reality. Having YOU to hold me accountable means everything. Sharing my stories with you and having my emotions validated can lift me up when I am down. And you all have inspirational stories that help keep me focused on my goals at hand. So thank you - much love to you - and I hope you all have someone special to share your love with today! 

Cheers! :)


  1. What a sweet post Kaity! I hope that you are having a good weekend with Gryffin, your husband and sister!

  2. Happy Valentine's day miss :) Thank you for the sweet compliments and you are so welcome.

  3. I love valentines day too!! Glad you had a nice weekend! :-)


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