Saturday, February 6

an apple a day

Tonight, I am blogging from the IMC - Intermediate Care Unit. Last week, I mentioned that I worked in the ICU. The IMC is like the next step up in the world. So it's not quite as intense (pun kind of intended). As always, it's better to float around the hospital than have my shift canceled! So thankful! Okay, short story time: When I got to work on Thursday evening, I walked into the staff break room (like I always do), glanced down at my mailbox (like I always do), and noticed some apple cards (which I never do!). There is a nurse whose name looks a lot like mine, and her mailbox is right next to mine, and usually when I see an apple card down there, it belongs to her. So I had to double and triple check that they were actually in my box! And guess what?!? There were THREE! I know they are kind of silly to be so excited about, but it means a lot to me when patients take the time to recognize my hard work. So that brings my total to 4, and yup, I'm running out of space for my apple stickers on my badge ;) If you have no clue what I'm talking about, read this old blog about halfway down, and it explains the concept of the covetable apple card.

In puppy news...we have definitely decided to adopt another rescue dog! We are looking at Colorado Puppy Rescue because they have adoption events every Saturday. Since I have next weekend off, it's going to be adoption day (hopefully). This adoption will be a little different than when we adopted Penny. Mostly because we have her to keep in mind. With her imabadass attitude, it's going to be important we don't get another female that's going to try to be alpha. So, we're leaning toward a boy! We don't have specific breeds in mind, but something medium-large (not the adorable St. Bernard mix we were looking at earlier - too big, realistically) that is smartish and mucho friendly. So...wish us luck that we find just the right pup to complete our little family for the time being! We hope Penny will be super stoked to have a buddy :)

Aside from the obvious excitement over the prospect of adopting another pup, I can't wait for next weekend because my sister is coming up! Yay! She hasn't had a weekend with us since Tyler's bday weekend before Christmas! And now it will be my bday weekend! Perfect! I love spending time with her, and she'll get to be there during the adoption! This time, I finally finished the guest bedroom so she won't have to sleep on the couch :)

Aaaaand, here comes Valentine's Day! I love this holiday because it just reminds me to be thankful for the loving relationships I have in my life. If we do adopt on Saturday, we probably will cook dinner together on Sunday or order dinner in, because I guarantee neither of us will want to leave the new baby all alone that soon! Looking forward to a low-key holiday, celebrating with my two very best friends - my hubby and my sister :) Can't imagine anything better!

I'm excited to have tomorrow night off work! Nap in the morning, hopefully take Penny to the dog park if the weather is nice enough, hit the gym, and cook dinner! Monday maybe I'll get my tax documents (where the eff is my $$$ from my First Time Homebuyer's Credit anyway??? A girl's gotta shop sometime...geez) in order and run some errands.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and that you've got some lovely people in your life to do something special for this Valentine's Day!

Cheers -


  1. Yay for getting more apple cards, that must have been an exciting start to your night at work! I hope that you find a compatible puppy for Penny and can't wait to see some pictures!

  2. Congrats on the apples! That's exciting! And I'm very very very jealous that you get a new puppy. Very.

  3. OH you deserve the apples sweetie!

  4. How awesome to get a puppy.. I love puppies!


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