Friday, February 12

could i BE more emotional???

Well, this week my emotions have been running AMOK! Amok I say! I had a long week because it was my work week - work 6 out of 7 nights - 12 hours a night...makes for a long week, trust me. But I had this light at the end of the tunnel called the weekend. My weekend was going to be SPECTACULAR. First of all, it will be Valentine's Day and the weekend before my bday! Secondly, we were going to go to an adoption event on Saturday and get a brother for Penny! Lastly, my sister was going to come spend the weekend with us - yay! But then...Tuesday night it all changed.

On my way to work I learned that my sister had been grounded from seeing me. EFF. So pissed. Then, at work, I was checking out the adoption event online. CANCELED. FRAAAAACK (my new cussword alternative of choice). I was literally on the verge of tears. That was when my pity party started. And it lasted a solid 30 hours. Then my coworkers were talking about all the amazing plans they had for Vday, which left me feeling very sorry for myself because we had no plans because we were planning on hanging out with new baby puppy and my sister. From there it snowballed into, "We never do anything fun!" "I'm so sad and alone in Denver!" "I have approximately 3 friends in Denver!" "It's my birthday on Tuesday and no one cares and we have no plans and my bday will suckkkkk!" I got home from work and Tyler had already left for school, so I cozied up in bed with roll of toilet paper (because I didn't have a box of tissues) and cried myself to sleep. Pathetic, I know. Even worse, I have a little mouthy pup who doesn't know what to do when humans make that weird sputtering sound with wails and a wet face (aka crying), so she just growled and barked at me until I passed out from utter exhaustion. Upon waking up, I didn't really feel any better, and I was even more upset because I had been so sure that if I just slept some, it would all feel okay when I woke up. Nope. 

So then I had to reflect on what the REAL problem was. 2 weeks ago I put my heart on the line and tried reaching out to my brother. We used to be best friends, and now I'm lucky if I get a text twice a year. Our relationship is rocky, to say the least. Every few months, though, I get brave and reach out via an email, text, or phone call. And usually it's the same response: nothing. Which is the most heart-wrenching thing in the world to me. It actually devastates me, but I try to push it aside like I don't care that much. But then what happens, without fail, is that other trivial things pile up on top of that stress about my relationship with my brother, and they push me over the edge. Then it appears I am a complete psychotic crybaby because some weekend plans got canceled. Geez. 

Weds night at work though I blabbed and blabbed to all my coworkers about my issues, and all that venting and validation sure made me feel better! At their expense, I'm sure. So a big thank you to my lovely nursing ladies for hearing me out til ALL hours of the morning! haha. 

By Thursday, my parents decided my sister was allowed to come see me. YAY! Tyler and I also decided to do something about this "no fun" rut we've been in (which is mostly my fault because I'm trying to save money so we never do anything), and we bought tickets to go see Chelsea Handler in Denver in March! YAY! Do you even know how much I love Chelsea Lately??? Things were looking up! 

This morning, Tyler and I woke up early and cooked breakfast together - which was so fun! He decided not to go to class so we made an extensive grocery list and went to the grocery store. $275 later...we replenished our freezer, fridge, and pantry. Happy day :) Then, I needed to go to PetSmart to get Penny some food. I called to see their hours, and on their voicemail they talked about a Second Chance for Love Adoption event starting Friday, February 12th. WAIT, HOLD adoption event? Now? Today? OMG. It was 8:50 and the event started at 9. Tyler, Penny, and I raced to the car and took off to PetSmart! 

At the event, we fell in love with a boxer/shar pei mix. Boy, was he full of energy! As adorable as he was, trouble was clearly stamped on his forehead. Then we met a cute, soft, relaxed little red heeler mix. He snuggled us as soon as we said hello and we wasn't scared of Penny (although she's small, she's definitely an in-your-face kinda girl), so that was good! We decided he would be perfect because he's not going to challenge Penny for the Alpha position, but he'd be a great playful companion! So here's our new little baby (and hopefully our last baby anything for a few years at least!)

Do you have any name ideas? We liked Crush at first, but he's to mild for that. Meeko? Mowgli? Riley? Tiko? I don't know. We'd LOVE input and ideas!!! Help!

So, things are looking up! We're leaving in a few to pick up my sister at the beloved half-way point of McDonald's in Longmont, and looking forward to a weekend in with all my loves! And some sweet rentals :) I hope everyone has a great weekend! Please share ideas for puppy names! He loves to snuggle, is very sweet, chews a lot, not so aggressive...Thanks in advance!!!

Cheers!!! :)


  1. Such a cute puppy! I do like the name Riley quite a bit. He definitely looks like a Riley. Sorry to hear about your relationship with your brother. I hope that things get better for the two of you.
    I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's/early birthday weekend!

  2. =( I'm sorry things were rough for awhile but I completely understand when you get overwhelemed with life and the smallest thing will set you over the edge.
    Your puppy is a cutie and I have always been a fan on Disney names for pets, so my vote is Mowgli or Simba.

  3. How about Harley...he looks like a Harley to me. VERY cute!!

  4. OH, so sweet!!! Such a cute puppy!! Happy for you!!!

  5. Aaaah I had the EXACT same week!! Crying ALL over the place, omg I feel like an escaped mental patinet!! Now am in a giant toss with my BF because im a crazy, unstable loca.. booo this week :(

  6. Thanks everyone - sorry B that you've had a similar week! It can only go up, though, eh?


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