Tuesday, November 24

oh yeah, sleep is important

So, I've been trying to be uber healthy and everything, and there was one minor detail I was leaving out of my health regime...sleep! During 3 days, I only slept 11 hours... I always seem to forget that sleep is so key to overall wellbeing! So, since I have been working so much, I can either sleep about 6 hours during the day and hit the gym, or I can sleep about 8 hours before I have to get up and get ready to head back to work. As important as the gym is to me, I decided to really try hard to get a decent amount of sleep the last few days.

At work while it has been really slow, I have been doing lots of reading. I am just finishing up Marley & Me, and I have to say I loved it. It has so many similarities to when my family dog was a puppy! Such an insane yet adorable yellow lab that becomes an integral part of the family. I recommend it if you are looking for an easy and heartwarming read with a humorous writing style.

Our beautiful family boy! Tyke

While I love our lab, I must say it is a nice change of pace to have a) a girl puppy b) a breed that is not meant for running around all day. Haha. Alright, I have to get ready to go to work...only 2 more nights and then a week off of work and a week in the gym! I am really looking forward to that.

On Thanksgiving, I am planning to mail out our Christmas cards! They are all set! In the envelopes, stamps and addresses on the envelopes and everything. It is nice that I won't have to stress out over them in December! Have a good night everyone ~

Cheers :)

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