Wednesday, November 18

just one step at a time

I just thought people (meaning my 2 readers, ha!) might be interested to know I am taking this blog kind of seriously and have already taken steps toward each of my goals! 

  • fitness - just got back from the gym, where I ran 5 miles! Sometimes my knees can get the best of me and make running a real pain, but today was smooth sailing! :D
  •  spanish -  I just purchased a year's subscription of Cosmo en Espanol. I figured I should start out with something that I would like to be reading anyways, that way it is more fun and less of a chore :) 
  • arts - on this magazine kick, I also got The Artist's Magazine. It gives tutorials for all different kinds of arts, which I am really excited about! 
I also got Good Housekeeping, because I always love their cute ideas. Although, at times flipping through that magazine can be cause for a little envy. Oh well, just waiting for that first time homebuyer's credit to come through, then we can do some of the upgrades we want to do! So, I'm taking a running start at finally achieving some of my ambitions.  


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