Saturday, November 21

holidayyyy (sang to the tune of Madonna's song)

Today I slept, of course, and we also took Penny to her first puppy class! She already is really good with the basics like: sit, stay (for a while), down, and come (when she wants). Puppy obedience training was delayed due to her icky cough that was around for 2 glad she's over that! She has selective listening when it comes to her name, so that's our homework. And using that clicker for training. So we'll see how that goes! Here is our Boppy's latest mug shot:

 As you can see...she is like a kangaroo with bat wings for ears...this leads to plenty of nicknames, which I am sure hasn't helped her learn her "real" name...Penny.

Yesterday at the gym I lifted upper body and did 20 minutes of speed walking on the treadmill. I took today off of the gym since I had to sleep and take Penny to class. But tomorrow will be a good makeup day, promise :)

I also ordered our holiday greeting cards, and here is a preview:

This is the image on our card, she has Superdog eyes (probably because of her BatDog ears)

On that note, I am going to hop in the shower and make some veggies and ravioli for dinner, then head to work! Have a good Saturday night! Here's to me actually having a night off tomorrow...


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  1. What a cute lil family you have there, Miss Kaity :)


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