Thursday, November 19

here is my first test

Okay, so today was wonderful because my legs were sore! Sore in that way that feels so good and fatigued from a nice workout the day before :) I just got back from the gym where I did 5.5 miles on the elliptical. Pretty good sweat session!

So, I work nights at a hospital from 7pm-7:30am. I get home around 8am and basically try to sleep til about 4 or 5, get up and shower, eat dinner with my hubby, then go back to work. During the week while I work, this schedule is not so condusive to getting my tush to the gym! I have had the last week off, but tonight I am going back to work for the next 6 out of 7 nights. This will be my first big test to see if I can keep up the gym action! My plan is to pack a gym bag and hit the gym right after my shift. That may seem crazy, but I find that once I have hit the couch I have ZERO motivation to get up and go to the gym before work.

I'll keep you updated...

Have a great Thursday night! To those New Moon loverrrrs, enjoy the movie for me! I will not be seeing it until Thanksgiving weekend, shucks. Send me mental images of Jacob, please!!!



  1. Hey Kaity, You have a lot of motivation to go to the gym after long work shifts. Let me know how it all goes!

  2. I absolutely agree that sitting on the couch after a long shift will ALWAYS (every time) mean that you're not making it to the gym. When I was working, I had to run home, change and then go back out the door before I did anything else or I wouldn't have gone. I commend you on figuring this out early in the game. Good luck!

  3. I didn't go to the gym right after my shift because it was my first shift of the string of nights, which means I didn't nap during the day. So by the time I got off work I had been up for 24 hours. So I came home, napped for 6 hours, then went and got my lift and power walk on!


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