Friday, November 20

i wanna be a bookworm

So, last night was  LONG shift at the hospital! They decided to sit me at a desk doing infection control in the Intensive Care Nursery...which means making sure people wash their hands and put on gowns. But really, are there visitors after midnight? No! Soooo boring, but I was so glad I had my book with me! I finally finished Three Cups of Tea - the inspirational story of Greg Mortenson's journey to promote girls' education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What I loved most about this story was the different perspective it gave me on American - Middle Eastern relations post-9/11. I believe this man was single-handedly doing more effective Terrorist control by giving the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan an alternative education to the fundamentalist jihad education offered to them. It truly is a story that exemplifies the impact one person can have on the world.

Basically, I recommend it to you! I am now moving on to Marley & Me, a abook I have owned for a year but has been on my shelf of books I need to read. I know it's a sad one, but I've been wanting to read it forever!

During this boring night of work, after I finished my book, I decided to start sketching! It was fun! I sketched things while I was reading that were inspiring to me. I'll post some of them in a few days. They're ammeture, but I am proud, nonetheless!

As for the gym, I was exhausted at the end of my shift so I didn't go! But I am logging off right now and going to the gym before work. :)

Have a fabulous Friday night! I'll be working...

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  1. Three Cups of Tea is the BEST book EVER!!! I think everyone on earth should read it, it could bring so much peace.


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