Wednesday, May 30

staycation: part 2

In case you missed the first part of "Staycation Chronicles" --- you can go here.

Did I mention that we had the most wonderful weather luck during our staycation? It was seriously gorgeous every single day. That beautiful sun shining high above Colorado was complemented nicely by the perfect amount of breeze to prevent that sweat-drenched look I despise so very much. But I suppose that's what you expect living here --- I am so weather-spoiled :)

The remainder of the FoCo leg of our Staycation was spent with my parents and my Grandpa, and it was SO nice to just relax with them. I have been so tightly wound up for the last year, that I feel like the kind version of myself was greatly missed. We laughed, we ordered delicious Cozzola's Pizza, we watched Tower Heist (better than I expected from an Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller flick!), we ate BBQ leftovers on repeat...

And on Sunday we journeyed to Old Town, Fort Collins for an afternoon stroll and some tea. While walking around Old Town, we noticed a lot of leather-clad folk. Nothing against bikers or anything, but they were definitely overrepresented...and it turns out there was a biker convention/rally/festival happening right in the heart of Old Town. 

So funny! Grandpa, my mom, Tyler, and I gawked at the thousands of motorcycles that lined the streets on our way to Happy Lucky Tea House. Loved the zen Happy Lucky's sign with motorcycles lined up behind it :)
Happy Lucky's has hundreds of kinds of loose teas! You can smell them all and choose which one you'd like --- here's a glimpse of the tea wall ---

My personal favorite is Dream Weaver ;) But really I got this Chocolate Raspberry tea that was out of this world!!! Do people say that anymore? "Out of this world"??? Turns out I do! 

We just had the best time sippin' our teas, laughing, and just being together.

I adore my family and I adore Old Town. Living away from Fort Collins has certainly helped me to find truth in the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" --- because every time I am in beautiful Fort Collins, I yearn to make a home there with my family one day! One day :)
Stay tuned for the real meat of our Staycation --- our Denver adventures!

Cheers ---

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