Friday, May 18

i am so american

As most of you know --- I love my shows. Like I LOVE MY SHOWS. Even when I am stressed to the max, this girl has got to have her shows. I like the storylines, I like being faithful to a cast of characters (Desperate Housewives, I stuck with you to the end!), and I love having a little escape from my life. Pathetic - but shows make me feel normal, because Hollywood really creates some DRAMA. 

Shows I have been watching:
  • Once Upon A Time {MY FAVORITE!!! --- hands down. Love it. Obsessed}
  • Desperate Housewives --- while I will miss the ladies of Wisteria Lane, the show has certainly run its course and I'm glad I don't have to witness another murder on that street! But kudos, you had a great finale!
  • GCB --- hilarious! Kristen Chenowith - I love you. 
  • Smash --- Katharine McPhee, you charmed the pants off of me!
  • Biggest Loser --- what a crap season. Am I right or am I right?
  • Glee --- so curious about what the show will be like last year! Nervous this show has already run its course as well. 
  • Modern Family --- best comedy since Friends
  • America's Next Top Model --- British Invasion? I still think I'm being punked. This is not okay. But I keep watching, I'm loyal like that.
  • Law and Order: SVU --- although Stabler is gone this season, I've still got Mariska Hargitay's back. 
  • Grimm --- our Friday nights have been spent watching this fun fantasy meets cop show! Another favorite in this household :)
So you see. Not all happiness was lost this semester. I did spend most of my time with my nose in the books. But I also had plenty of screentime. I also watched a few episodes of the new season of Punk'd, which always gets me laughing. Tried out Betty White's Off Their Rockers (where the elderly punk the non-elderly), which is pretty funny. But I'm not into her monologues where she pretends to be a drug-doing alcoholic skank. No thank you. 

Wow this has turned into kind of a confession about my  addiction  enjoyment of TV. Yikes. 

Anyway --- I thought we could talk TV for a minute since it's the end of the spring season and most shows are wrapping up. What did you love this season?

Cheers :)


  1. I found your blog through A Blonde Ambition. Loving the posts I've read so far! I'm also in CO, but about an hour south of you. :)


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