Friday, May 18

hello, lovely

Hello my beautiful friends! 

I can't believe I haven't been around since the beginning of March! 10 weeks since my last post to be exact. Apologies to anyone who truly missed my blog (probably no one, really, hahaha). But also apologies for not keeping up with what has been going on in your lives! I have missed so many book reviews and rants that I'm sure I will be catching up for DAYS on all of your blogs!

So --- drum roll, please.......I finished my first year of PA School!!! Barely. I mean, I can't believe I'm alive and didn't run away to Mexico to escape it all. I also can't believe I passed all of my classes. I also can't believe my marriage is still happy and intact with all of my emotional {perhaps psychotic} breakdowns and moodiness. What a guy. I have resolved to be superwife for the next few weeks while Tyler studies his butt off for Step 2 Boards for Medical School (poor guy, studying for an 8 hour comprehensive test on practically all of medicine --- ew). Somehow, 2 weeks of awesome wife skills doesn't seem to equal his 8 months of steadfast husband skills. I guess I'll just do what I can.

I want to tell you everything. About my frustrations with weight loss (ahem --- GAIN) this semester. About learning how to believe in myself. About allowing others to help me. About how if I didn't have 2 snuggly little dogs I would be a depressed heap of crazy woman on the floor. About how family gets me through. About my "spring cleaning" craze that is tearing through my house like a Martha Stewart tornado. About how I'm a nutcase because throughout all the stress --- I still managed to watch my shows, to get that escape from life for just 60 minutes.

I also want to know everything. About how Spring was for all of you. About what movies you saw. About what books you read. Probably half of you are pregnant now and I have no idea. (joking, kind 26 years old, that seems to be the life theme these days). 

We'll get to all of it, because I actually have the luxury of time again. Happy to have a summer --- happy to have a new day :)

Cheers to having time to tell get to know each other again --- it's good to be back :) 

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  1. Not much else to say other than I am SO PROUD OF YOU! You're amazing - you are very lucky to have Ty by your side...and he's so lucky to have you too!

    Love you, woman.


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