Saturday, January 7


Happy Weekend to you all!!!
I realize I have yet to update you all on how my holidays went and what I've been up to on break, but that will come, I promise.

This post is to discuss my first "book" of 2012. This may be somewhat of a cheat. That's why I have "book" in quotation marks. There are two reasons why this is probably a cheat:

1) I started it in 2011. Then does it really count as a 2012 read?
2) What I read is the book of Genesis, 1 of the many books within the Bible (which is also a book).

Nonetheless, this is my blog, and the reading of 12 books is my goal, so I'm going to consider it a book I have completed in 2012. It is over 100 pages, the majority of which were read after NYE, and that's my justification.

My husband and I aren't overtly religious, but we do like to say prayers of thanks for all of our blessings in life, and I do like the type of person that religion encourages me to be. Anyway, last fall we decided we'd eventually like to read the Bible from cover to cover. It's not like a goal that we have to accomplish within a year or anything like that, just eventually. Like a perpetual work in progress. Now we read it right before bed when we're not too tired (actually - I read aloud, Tyler listens with his eyes suspiciously closed). And I like it. I like it because we have a version of the Bible with modern day language, which removes a lot of the effort that I usually have to put forth into figuring out what exactly is being said. I like it because we discuss things we don't understand or even agree with. Can you be religious and disagree with the Bible? I guess so, because that's how we operate.

I'm just excited to have started on the journey of reading the most popular book in the history of the world! The book of Genesis is a great book - one where I learned a lot about the history words like Isreal, God, Hebrew. I like reading the Bible because even if you think you know a story, Hollywood has done a good job at romanticizing everything. Take the movie The Ten Commandments for instance. Imagine my surprise upon reading the first part of Exodus last night that there is no forbidden love story between Moses and an Egyptian woman! I guess I assumed it was all straight from the Bible...kind of dumb, I know.

And I must add that I will be quite impressed with us if we ever get through the whole thing! Although, maybe after reading the whole Bible I will have finally learned humility and thus won't be impressed with myself...nahhhh ;)

Have any of you read the Bible in its entirety before?
Working on it currently?
(reminder --- comments from friends and followers, both old and new, are highly encouraged!)

Cheers to literature that sparks discussion :)

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