Friday, August 13

oops...I shopped...

Yep. Oops.

I've been telling you all about how I have been more financially responsible lately so that I can afford a trip to Seattle in September for a girlfriend's wedding.

No wide-eyed and wandering trips through Target anymore, this girl has been walking through the doors with her eyes focused on the necessities and then straight out the door (maybe with a pack of gum in tow for being so good...).

No impulsive Disney sprees.


And I've been doing SO well! Until Tuesday.

It all started with some online perusing on is dangerous in and of itself. I was looking at cute fall accessories since I am pretty ready for the heat to subside a little and for the cool air to swirl around those pretty green, gold, and ruby colored leaves {I love fall!}. During this little etsy sesh, I found the CUTEST fall accessory! Behold:

I ADORE this! You can buy them in almost any color and it was only $10 for this unique hand-crafted little cutie. I can't wait to wear it when the weather starts to cool down!
So that was purchase #1. Then I had to go to Costco to buy hummus. Yes, hummus. You can get this giant tub of hummus + delicious toppers {red peppers, pine nuts, garlic, and jalapeno} for a whopping $7. I love my hummus, so this is where I get it. Anyhoo...Costco is a danger zone for my wallet! And I was having an awfully grumpy I decided a little tiny bit of retail therapy could help my mood. One Disney movie (Hunchback of Notre Dame for $9), a white 3/4 length sleeve open in the front cardigan ($13), a book (Stephanie Meyer's The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, $7), and a gorgeous spring green fall/winter jacket complete with soft-as-heaven lining ($26) later...I was a happy girl once again. 

So my happiness was bought for $55. Kinda sad. But I honestly have a physiological reaction to shopping. It's like, I can feel the tension leaving my body as my eyes scan the goods. I could just wander in stores forever. Maybe I should start leaving my wallet in the car.

Does anyone else feel that sensation when shopping? Like a little purchase (or 4) could fix everything? I'm not trying to be shallow, and I certainly know that money isn't responsible for happiness...but in my case, shopping certainly can help speed up the process of getting in a good mood! 

Hope you've all had a lovely week :)

Don't worry, I won't be able to shop this weekend --- we're going camping! It's like our summer's last hurrah since Tyler heads back to school Monday! 

Toodles & Cheers!


  1. Hey Pretty!

    BUT OF COURSE shopping helps your mood! You're rewarding yourself...and then there's the thrill of the hunt. There's GOT to be some sort of physiological explanation wherein neurons and and protons and maybe some endorphines...and well, I'm sure Tyler could explain this one a bit better. I LOVE that hat - I may have to splurge and get one for myself! What color did you I don't copy :)

    Enjoy your lovely new items! You deserved it (geez, I'm SO not helping, am I?). lol


  2. I love to shop! And it does usually put me in a good mood...that is if I actually find things I like, which isn't always the case.
    Have fun camping! I'm jealous!

  3. i don't know that it necessarily makes me happier, but it definitely gets me excited. like when i buy movies, i can't WAIT to get home and watch them! or anything new for that matter. it's NEW!! it's exciting : )
    target is the worst place ever. it's impossible to only get what you went in for. one time i tried not getting a cart just so i wouldn't throw stuff in and THAT didnt even work---i was waddling to the check out with arm loads full of stuff!

  4. Oh that headband was a must have. Just think that you have been doing better than usual. Each little bit makes a difference. You can do it! It is so easy to go into a store for one thing and then end up spending like $500!

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  6. I know all too well how shopping on Etsy goes! I love your purchase though.

    Now following your lovely blog fellow rosebud!


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