Monday, August 23

back on the decorating horse!

Hey hey! Happy rainy Monday to you all! It's actually a welcome change in weather today here in in Colorado --- yesterday it was 100 degrees, too much too much heat! Today is much cooler with a bit of cloud cover and a few sprinkles of water and I'm loving it! It made me in the mood to get working on my decorating! A few months ago I made a lot of progress on my living room and bedroom...and then I kind of stopped working on them. Haha. I stopped for two reasons: 1) Lazy 2) Low fund$z for the decorating. Dammit. 

Alas, today I was inspired to get my butt in gear and I have some progress to show you!!!

As you know, I LOVE shadowboxes! Here are the ones for Penny and Gryffin I already made a few months ago and I just got around to hanging them today:
I am going to get a black cube to hang on the wall between the boxes and put a candle int he cube or something. I'll show ya when I do it :)

I made some mini shadowboxes today!These ones have love quotes I wrote in them, are lined with pretty silver ribbon, and filled with green glass pebbles. Perfect addition in our bedroom!
 I even made a pretty little yellow heart to hang inside :)

I FINALLY got a new comforter and sheets! HOORAY! This was pretty much the last major piece to complete the bed area in our bedroom! I LOVE IT!!! It's by Springmaid and I got it at Target.
And yeah, I know it needs ironed :) And I need a white bedskirt, still...
It is brighter yellow than it looks...I  need  want a new camera
The pretty pattern on the bed!!!

I got all my jewelry under control this week! Got a new polishing cloth and I polished probably 50 pieces of jewelry - rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! Looks crazy better! I also got a pretty new earring holder :) from Target, of course!
You can't tell me this isn't to die for!

I have been meaning to finish our 1/2 bathroom downstairs for quite some time! It was super easy to finish, it was just a matter of finding the right pieces! I found what I needed at Michael's today!

I love the deep purple flowers!!!
Is that picture not gorgeous? $15 for print and frame!
The other side of the bathroom so you can see how the silver stuff ties in. 

I wanted my lovely and now shiny necklaces to be displayed on something that matches my new mostly white bedroom. So here is my awesome necklace rack, and I am going to paint it white!
In the process of being painted...

This is the BIGGEST project I have decided to undertake...the redoing of my dressers in my bedroom. I am going to have to sand it all then paint it white. I am also getting silver hardware on the drawers and I might sand the edges for a shabby chic finish when I'm done! So here's the dresser now:
I've got my work cut out for me!!! I'm tired just thinking about it! Haha. But hopefully I get goin on it next week :)

Well that was enough productivity around the house for one day for's off to the gym now! I have an 8-mile run to do. *sigh* Hopefully once I get started I'll be in the mood for it, because I can tell you I'm not in the mood right now! lol.

Hope you all are having a GREAT start to the new week!

ummmm PS I ordered the CUTEST candle ever today! It's this little silver elephant guy from BlissLiving Home:

Anyhoo - I saw it in Marie Claire and I'm super excited for it :)


  1. Kaity! I plan on doing the same thing with our dresser, however, I have NO idea when I will get to that and due to living in a small apartment, there is no safe space to do it unless it's on our porch. Oh well...looks great and have fun!

  2. Ummmm the bathroom...what a difference! So cute. You have such great taste. And I LOVE the comforter. I'm actually looking for a fabric with a similar pattern in white and some shade of orange to add a little *POP* to my bedroom. ADORE.

  3. Everything looks great!! I LOVE the pattern on your new comforter, and the half-bath is gorgeous! Isn't it funny what just a few small touches can do to a space? Fabulous job, love!

  4. LOVING those shadow boxes! You should consider making an ETSY shop! :)

  5. I am totally in love with your yellow coverlet!!


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