Sunday, August 8

give a dog a (giant) bone

Well, it's no surprise to you all that I freaking love my dogs. Yup. After being away from them in Aspen for 3 days and 3 nights, I needed to get them a little something special from their mama. I went to Petco for doggie toothpaste...and  found a huge bag of ginormous dog bones - 4 for $20. I think these hefty rawhides are worth $5 each...just you look, and you tell me what you think ---

Upon getting the rawhide, Gryffy started doing laps up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs. Excited much, puppy dog?

This time backing up the stairs. Wild man.

Penny's reaction was quite different! I think she was in shock. She just sat there looking at me. Like, oh my gosh, thanks, mom! See what I have?!? Now what do I do with it?

Mom...look what I have...

Gryff has serious chewing skills...good angle!

Lickin' her chops --- mmmmm!

Haha. I just thought these pics were cute. They portray sheer excitement! Plus, I think they'll be great babysitters for nights when I work and Tyler has to study! (back to the med school grind in one wee! Boooooo)

Cheers to my cutie pie babies :)

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  1. hello fellow rosebud! awww they look soo happy with those bones! you're a great mama! :)


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